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Stained Glass Ideas for Ideas. Free Suncatcher Patterns 
The purpose of my home page is to chat with other stain glass beginners or experienced artisans to assist or exchange ideas or designs.I have been doing stained glass work for 20 years but only in a modest way. Most of my designs have been for small suncatchers,larger shaped window hangers and at present doing 16" stepping stone designs. 
The reason for my home page is to chat with other stained glass enthusiasts who may do things a little different from me and I from them. Recently I had the experience of meeting another stained glass artisan who was unaware of some of the simple changes he could make to improve his methods.Such things as solder,flux,and change of temperature to speed up his work and to improve his beading.I realize that I too may be doing some simple procedure that could be improved. My email:- pbaxter@telus.net Have a look at the free patterns I will include others as I prepare them. 
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Scottish Golfer 
This is a sample of my simple designs of suncatchers. Some of the designs are by "others" that I have used and modified over the years. They have all been good sellers and paid for my hobby in stainedglass. Click on the Golfer to see other samples 

Cardinal Stone
I have made a few stepping stones to see how they came out. It gives me some ideas for colour and design. If you would like to see my effort go to Angels webpage and look in her photo gallery Angel has also other interests for stained glass artisans. To get to Angels webpage click on the above stepping stone. 
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