Baldy Repeater Site

Our 2 meter repeater VE7RBD is located 30 miles east of Oliver on Mount Baldy at an elevation of 7580 feet. It has coverage from Wenatchee, WA to Winfield, BC and from Trail, BC to Princeton, BC. It is open to all. Frequency, 147.160 Mhz. + 600.

Well, here we  go again. One can only hope we can make it through the winter this year (2016-17). A big thank you to Bob VA7BJP and Frank VE7PBF for their hard work. We now can switch from one antenna to another in case of trouble with one of them. Also thanks to the SAR group who helped with the bull work. Here are a few latest photos:


Baldy Mountian December 2015. Antenna is again on the ground.



Back in Temporary Service Thanks to the SAR Group

This is what can happen on Baldy Mountain Winter January 2015

Baldy A
ntenna & Repairs September 2013 ( Ed HMP & Bob BJP)

Thanks to Carlos for Getting Them Up There


Baldy's Antenna the Winter of 2012 - 2013

Installing New Antenna August 25, 2012 Thanks In-Part To Search & Rescue




Baldy Winter December 2011 - When the Cone Fell Down (It held all our Antennas)

147.160 will be off the air until Summer when we can get up there to fix it. Sorry for the inconvence.



February 2010



Constructon On Baldy: