Oliver Amateur Radio Club

Charter Members
VE7ARF - Neil Fletcher, Oliver, BC *
VE7BCK - Val Vaillancourt, Oliver, BC *
VE7BEI - Art Peterman, Oliver, BC *
VE7CVI - Daryl Collen, Kaleden, BC
VE7DHP - Art White, Oliver, BC *
VE7DLY - Dolly Klatt, Oliver, BC *
VE7DOP - George Fraser, Osoyoos, BC
VE7EGN - Jack Coates, Oliver, BC *
VE7EHS - Clare Evoy, Oliver, BC *
VE7ELF - Ted Galbraith, Oliver, BC *
VE7FUR - Bruce MacPherson, Oliver, BC
VE7HMP - Ed Plummer, Osoyoos, BC
VE7JWL - James Little, Osoyoos, BC
VE7KBB - Fred Mulcaster, Oliver, BC
VE7KLA - Bernard Klatt, Oliver, BC
VE7MBR - Paul Gifford, Oliver, BC
VE7NWM - Mark Hebert, Oliver, BC
VE7RIP - Art Ripley, Penticton, BC *
VE7RJ - Jim Lancaster, Summerland, BC
VE7RMW - Roy Wilson, Oliver, BC *
VE7TVQ - Ted Quelch, Oliver, BC
VE7WIM - Bill Spek, Oliver, BC
VE7XV - Larry Stanwood, Oliver, BC *

* Denotes Deceased (If you know of any others, please let us know

Some orginal members have moved away. The location shown is at the time of the Charter. Some of the charter members are also not hams anymore.