The foursome embark on a fast paced yet suprisingly pleasant cab ride to their hotel, seeing many sights on the way thanks to their cabbie/tour guide.  After a brief check in at the Wellington Hotel (see "The Set"), the troop head off to see Battery Park and  the Statue of Liberty...

This taxi ride, however, was very different from the first one! It was a truely traditional cab ride through New York City along with speeding, slamming on the brakes and honking, but what's a trip to New York without experiencing a good old fashioned cab ride!  They then joined the line for the ferry, not knowing that the tickets were purchased elsewhere until they were at the front of the line.  However they were given priority service and moved to the front of the queue and even sweet talked the ticket taker into letting them keep half the stub!  It pays to be young and cute in NY!  All aboard, and off to Liberty Island aboard the Libery Princess ( sorry Jennie you're not the only one).

The gang wasn't bored while waiting in line for the ferry.  They were too busy having songs written taylored to themby the man who sings little songs about everyone in line.  They were the "Canadian Girls from Vancouver".  Same song for each group, just insert the appropriate city name...  There was also a group street acrobats who were nerve racking but entertaining!

note the man upsidedown in mid-air!


After a 3 hour wait in line, they finally got into the statue. However, because of lack of time, and sleep, it was decided to take the elevator up to the pedistal instead of waiting another 3 hours in line to walk up to the crown.

Then it was back aboard the ferry and over to Ellis Island, the girls were so weary by this point that looking from the boat was enough for them.

Determined to get the most out of their visit the plucky quartet head up to the "Twin Towers", aka. the World Trade Center.

A 58 second ascent up 107 floors brought the girls to the observation deck, the highest point in the city, all of New York could be seen at a glance.

Hoping to get a cab to take them back to the hotel, the girls went to the "Catch-A-Cab" booth, where they were introduced to New York hospitality first hand, given the hasty advice "Go catch a cab across the street".  Thanks for your help, sir!!!

After what seemed like forever they FINALLY got back to the hotel, exhausted and famished they decided to order a pizza or pie as true NewYorkers call them..

Woah! They weren't THAT hungry!!!  Here's a word of advice, don't order from Ray's Pizza!!  They were very rude and their pizzas barely eddible. The lesson here: never trust a guy named Ray.