ACT   3

   Thursday morning the plan was to get up early again, but they didn't manage to get up early enough… They  slept in! They were going to try to get into Rosie again because she was filming 2 shows, and they would have a better chance, but arrived in the line about 10 minutes too late.

    Instead, the foursome plodded over to the Palace Theatre and got in line for tickets to Aida!  All tickets to Aida had been sold out for months, but every morning they sell 20  tickets for $20 to students!  It was only 8:00 and tickets didn't go on sale until 10:00, so we were first in line.  Once again it was a chilly morning and Ashlee and Jodi went down to Dean and Deluca’s for another hot chocolate and watched the Today show again while Pam and Jennie sat in line.  After freezing on the side walk for at least an hour Pam and Jennie went next door to McDonalds to thaw out, while Ash and Jodi waited in line.  At last the ticket window opened and they got their tickets, in the very front row!

    Exhausted, and still quite cold, it was time for some shopping. The girls headed over to 5th Ave and visited stores like the Gap, the Disney Store, Tiffany's and Saks 5th Ave.  Warning! The price tags in Saks should not be looked at directly if you suffer from a heart condition! Also, the elevator in Saks is not for those with a weak stomach!  Also on 5th Ave are St. Patrick’s and St. Thomas’ Cathedrals, where they spent some time resting their weary bodies in the well worn pews.  Other famous landmarks on 5th Ave included Trump Tower.

    Reeling from the outrageous prices our quartet headed over to the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA).  Which they found very interesting.

    After a couple hours there they decided to head down to the Empire State building.  Determined to see as much of the city as possible Ashlee and Jodi walked the 22 blocks, while Pam and Jennie, not feeling all that great from lack of sleep, jet lag and hunger, took a cab intending to meet up in the lobby of the Empire State Building.  Things however don't go as planned, while Pam and Jennie sat in the lobby for what must have been an hour and a half, meanwhile, Jodi and Ashlee have some how slipped passed them are were appreciating the view from the 102 floor.  Finally Pam and Jennie decided that their waiting was in vein and decided they too would go up.  While Pam and Jennie were in the elevator going up, Ash and Jodi were coming down the stairs and they never did meet up. By this time it was well in to rush hour and cabs were hard to come by so Jodi and Ash walked the 23 blocks back to the hotel, while Pam and Jennie lucked out and hopped into a cab just being vacated.

    Back at the hotel the foursome was reunited and all worry was put to rest, you never know about NY City muggers. They quickly changed and headed off to the Palace Theatre to see Aida. They had no idea what to expect from AIDA, it is based on the Verdi opera with music by Elton John and lyrics by Tim Rice.  It was totally amazing and they all loved it.  One of the understudies was in for the main guy, Radames, and he was excellent.  Heather Headley who played Aida was just amazing.  One of the best shows ever! And who can forget the Princess?!?

    After AIDA they took some time to admire the lights and the atmosphere of the bustling night life in Time Square.