ACT   4

    On this day the girls decided to sleep in.  It was Central Park day, and they needed to rest up for a long day of walking.  It turned out to be pretty nice out, a perfect day to walk in the park.  The flowers were all in bloom and there were lots of people milling about.

    Jodi wanted to see the big lake where they filmed some scenes on the now defunct soap, Another World, but it was all under repair!  They did get to see castle where they filmed the Rapunzel scene in the Julia Roberts-Susan Sarandon film Stepmom however.

** picture of castle thing

    In Central Park there are tons of baseball fields, playgrounds and lakes spread throughout the park.  They quartet barely managed to see half of the park, because it's SO big, but found it to be one of the favourite things on their adventure.

    Making their way through the park, the foursome headed over to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to stimulate their brains.  There, they have everything from Greek and Chinese artifacts to famous French paintings. A little bit of everything.  Everyone member of the group chose the exhibition they wanted to see, but to go through the whole place could have taken days!!

    "Timecop" Jodi knew they didn't have that kind of time, so they trecked over to the other side of the park to the Museum of Natural History.   Thatís where Ross works on Friends.  Knowing time was NOT on their side, the girls decided on seeing the Dinosaur exhibit, the worlds largest collection of dinosour skeletons.  The girls took a cab home that afternoon and got all dressed up for a night out on the town.

    For dinner, they went to the Hard Rock café, inhaled their meals and then grabbed a cab to take them  to the Ford Center for the Performing Arts to see Jesus Christ Superstar.  However, MTV was filming something outside on 7th Ave! So the traffic was horrible!!

    After waiting in traffic for about 15 minutes, the cabbie let the girls off a little ways from the theater and they ran! It was almost ten after eight when they arrived at the theatre and it was to start at 8:00! They had bought these tickets ahead of time online, but still had to pick them up at will call! Well, luck must have been on their side, because they got the tickets, found their seats and still had a minute or two to spare.  The show was really neat, completely different than the other two. Andrew Lloyd Webber never fails!