ACT   5

Even the last day Ashlee, Jennie, Jodi and Pam spent in  New York brought about quite an exciting first: the girl put their lives into the hands of fellow communters on the subway. After a brisk walk from the station, they started the day off at the Guggenheim Museum.  The Museum, as famous for its architecture as for its exhibits, rose from the ground in a huge dome-like structure, with an indoor spiral ramp rising floor to floor.  On all sides was a modern art exhibit by Nam June Paik, with flashing light shows, fish tanks, and videos lining the walls.

Unfortunately, as captivating as the museum was, the visit was cut short as the girls headed up to the Bronx for the baseball game between the World Series Champion New York Yankees, and the Canadian heroes, the Toronto Blue Jays.  Again riding the subway, the girls arrived at Yankee Stadium amid Yankees' diehards, and took in the Blue Jay's batting practice.  Left-fielder Shannon Stewart stopped by to give a few autographs, signing Jennie's flag before heading to the locker room.

The girls had a perfect view of both the game, and the infamous right-field bleachers, as they found their spot in the first row of the box seats.  It didnít take long for the girls to get a rise out of the Yankee fans, as they displayed their patriotism by draping the Canadian flag across their laps. Despite several attempts to spoil the fun, the Yankees fans couldn't ruin the mood, or the day, as the sun literally shone down on the girls.

The American National Anthem, sung by Michael Bolton got the game started, and CBC showed the girls on TV: the perfect example of Canadian pride. The Yankees fans soon hung their heads low, and tucked their tales between their legs, as the Jays took the lead for good, putting the home team behind 6-2. The losing fans quickly changed their alleigance, and started to eye the Canadian flag with interest. The travellers' final ride on the Subway began with suspense, but as they did in the game, the Jays fans ended up on top, as one defiant fan wore his teams' logo with pride.

The girls then took part in one of the most important of all New York experiences: Shopping!  Stopping in at the world famous Bloomingdales, the girls indulged in some 'designer' coffee, and received a much welcomed, free Bloomingdale's keychain.  At the most famous toy store in the world, F.A.O Swartz, the stars of our show escaped back into the world of childhood, with Barbie dolls, gumball machines, and silly putty.  Other landmarks such as the Russian Tea Room and Carnegie Hall were quickly visited before heading towards a street made famous in a timeless Christmas movie, "Miracle on 34th St." The girls finished off their New York shopping at the massive, four story Old Navy, and a quick glance at the lobby of Macy's Department Store, and a window display straight out of a cartoon before taking one last trip up the Empire State Building.  The view of the city at night is one that will not soon be forgotten, which is especially important since, without any pictures, that image lives on only in our minds.

The girls took one last tour of Times Square, guided by the lights.  After stopping outside the studio of the Late Show with David Letterman, they headed back to the hotel, the girls soaked in their enviroment, burning the sight of New York at night into their memories, saying goodbye to the city that had captivated them for the last, all too short few days.

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