JODI: This was Jodi's first time in the role of Time Cop but her second time working with both Pam and Jennie in a touring cast.  Though the role was unfamiliar to her she embraced the character and made it her own.  Jodi has also appeared in many versions of  The S. Family in Winnipeg, Disneyland, Hawaii as well as an appearance in a junior high rendition of France (1993). Her latest work with Pam, Jennie, and another unknown actress, in an independently produced performance of 1999's Disneyland, was a huge success.

JENNIE: With two separate engagements of 1999's Disneyland under her belt, Jennie was eager to do another show with Pam and Jodi.  Jennie, very familiar with the role of Princess from previous acting experience, fit easily into the role.  Some say that there is a lot of Jennie's own personality in the character.  Jennie has also performed with Donny Osmond in Andrew Lloyd Weber's "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat".  Jennie's singing experience was an asset to the cast, especially in the scenes set at Yankee Stadium and any time the word 'oops' was uttered.

ASHLEE: A long time member of the Vancouver cast, this was however her first time touring with the ensemble.  She adjusted easily into the role and the traveling lifestyle.  The role of 'I need a massage' was a natural fit with her own easygoing personality with adventurous food tastes.  She is perhaps best known for her tireless work in the ongoing production of "A Cottage in Vermont", as well as several appearances in Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, DC and Jamaica.  Ashlee's breakout role was when she appeared, with the large ensemble cast, in a musical version of Disneyland while still in high school (1998).

PAM: Has grown very familiar with her character over the past year, playing it in two consecutive engagements of "University Life".  With this new touring show she has been able to expand her character into a more worldly and responsible person, taking charge of the group and making sure every one was happy and healthy.  She too has made many appearances in Disneyland, as well as a brief stint in Hawaii, the Maritimes with the W. crew.  She was seen at the age of 4 in England and appeared in "Centennial goes to Paris" in 1997, perhaps the pinnacle of her acting career thus far.  She shone in 1999's Disneyland with Jodi and Jennie and looks forward to working with this great foursome and many future occasions.