Use These Links To Check Your
Internet Connection Speed,
IP Address,
And Location.


I've been using for a while.

Their test page remembers your tests so you have a performance record of your connection.

Test your Internet connection speed at

Click the button to run a speed test.

Speakeasy Speed Test

Click the logo to check your
Internet  Connection Speed

There  are several optional locations for the
test on the linked page

Click the speedometer to check your
Internet Connection Speed.

You will have to enable site Pop-Ups
to set the test country and
get more information from the test.

Click here for a Speed Test From McAfee USA.

IP Address Lookup
Check Your IP Address

Click Here If Your Location Is Not Correct

Click here if there are no maps visible in a short time.
(Your browser security may not allow the applets to run.)


A Map Of Your Location:

Click on the map to restart the zoom.



A Map Of My Server Location:

Click on the map to restart the zoom.


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