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photo by Ellen Hughes

photo by Ellen Hughes

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I decided at the beginning of 2004 that it was time to build my own Web Site. I had been using different commercial services to host my pictures for people to browse through them. I found that these services were not adequate to host the numbers of pictures I have, and often they either displayed the pictures poorly and/or they were off line as much as they were available. I started by experimenting with a server software running on a computer in my home and have been on and off line with that since January as I learned about web site construction and access. I also was bumped on and off line as my ISP (telus.net) reconfigured their system to provide more security . The final configuration required that I upgrade my internet access to a different high speed ADSL service that was designed to host servers. That service also includes some web space which is where the site you are presently seeing this page is hosted.

You can still visit the original site on the computer that sits in the corner of my living room. The living room server was at:


In December 2005 the hs2go.net service was not renewed by the vendors I purchased the HomeServer software from and that address ceased to work early in 2006.

I had anticipated this situation and moved my photoserver address to:


It is still the central point of my web sites and none of them would work without it as it is where my photographs are stored for viewing on my various web pages..

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I later registered and began using the domain http://www.ronmclean.bc.ca so that if my actual site address changed or got revised due to software changes etc. I could continue using the domain address and make necessary linking and other changes in a way that was transparent to the viewers of the site. The results of all that experimentation and learning are what you are viewing now. I will also be posting various links and other things on this page as I learn new things and experiment.

I would appreciate feedback on the site both about things I could improve, and especially about problems you encounter so I can deal with them. I would also appreciate knowing who is visiting the site. You can provide site feedback and sign the guest book by clicking the links at the top of this page.

I found that I could navigate the PhotoSite better from outside so I built pages of links to the slide shows and photo folders on the site. The PhotoServer works best as a server, not as an actual web site. You can access the various areas directly from this page without having to access and navigate around the PhotoSite.

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On November 4 2005, I uploaded an entirely new version of www.ronmclean.bc.ca with a tabbed index page that works on more computers and in more browsers than the sliding index on this page. I also got all of my web pages running using proper DNS Addressing rather than direct addressing. That makes them less vulnerable to various changes that may come from Telus ( my ISP ) or for that matter any future ISP that I may use. You can read about all the hassles I had with a wet cable on my incoming telephone service from Telus in the

October 2005 Newsletter.

I also integrated several Jig Saw Puzzles from www.jigzone.com into both my Games Page and into Cards From Ogden Point.

Click here for the Games & Puzzles Page.

As I continued to learn about Web Site construction, I added Cards From Ogden Point which is a free greeting card site which I operated to allow more people to share my pictures.

I abandoned Cards From Ogden Point in 2009 because it was not getting enough visitors to make maintaining it worthwhile.

Then to tie those sites all together, I also constructed a site that provides information and links to the area of Victoria BC in which I live. That site ties all the other sites together. It is located at:


Which I named after Ogden Point -- the area around my home.

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I was born in Shoal Lake Manitoba on June 21, 1947 (My mother says not only was it the longest day of the year -- it was the longest day of her life.) I grew up on a farm near Strathclair, Manitoba attending school there and graduating in 1964. I attended the Manitoba Institute of Technology from 1964 to 1966. I graduated as an Electronic Technologist from the Manitoba Institute of Technology in 1966 and began working for Manitoba Hydro as a Telecontrol Technician in July that year. I worked as a Technician, Senior Technician, and Senior Engineering Technician in the Western Area until July 1990 when I became Business Manager of IBEW Local 2034. I retired from that position in July 2001 and moved to Victoria BC in May 2002.

You can learn about the area around Strathclair here

Manitoba Hydro's Site.

IBEW Local 2034's Site

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I have been taking pictures most of my life. I got serious about it after the purchase of my first 35mm SLR camera (a Nikon FE) in 1982. I have taken a number of Photography courses since that time and have improved my abilities as I learned more about cameras and photography. I bought a Nikon D100 SLR digital camera in September 2002 and a D70 SLR in April 2004. I also use a Minolta Dimage XT camera which fits into my pocket quite easily. I have taken over 10,000 pictures since purchasing the D100 and they are posted in the "Large Pictures" folder on my photosite from the link above. The "Small Pictures" and the "Slide Shows" linked above are some of the better pictures from the "Large" files.

You Can Check Out Some Of My Better Photos By Clicking Here

  You can check out the equipment I used to take the pictures at

My Camera Page #1

My Camera Page #2

(This is a large file with 120 pictures so it may take a minute or two on slower connections.)

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My immediate family are in Manitoba. My son and his wife live in Winnipeg. and my daughter and her husband live in Brandon. My sisters have retired to Winnipeg.

One of my retirement ambitions is to learn more about my family history. I had put together some genealogy stuff before I moved and haven't gotten back to it since I moved. You can see an unedited and unverified attempt at a family tree at: 

My Family Tree Maker Site

The Clan MacLean Website is also something I will be exploring in the near future.

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Ron's Web Cameras

Click here to view the webcams monitoring my house and yard.

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Here are some other WebCam Links you may find interesting.

Tide Predictions from Tides.Info

Enter the name of the location you would like a tide chart for:

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photo by Shannon Mclean-Geletchuk

Photo by Shannon Mclean-Geletchuk

Please send feedback to:

feedback.ronmclean.bc.ca at gmail.com

(Replace the word "at" with normal email formatting.)

Victoria weather is very unique.

I originally had a number of weather buttons here that eventually overloaded this page. I moved them to:

My Weather Page

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All pictures and pages Copyright 2002 -2004 by Ron Mclean.

 The pictures are resized for the internet and are not of sufficient quality to print. You may use them on your own computer for screensavers and wallpaper. Any other use will require  specific written permission.

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