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As the story goes, somebody once asked Woody Guthrie how you get to be a musician. "Easy," said Woody. "Throw your hat on the road, lean your ass against a post and start practising. When someone drops a dime in the hat, you're a musician."

By that measure, I've been a folksinger 40 years. Along  the way, I've learned some neat tricks, like how to raise $25,000 to make a CD. I've played some unlikely places, like the University of Inner Mongolia at Hohhot, and met some unlikely people, like the Innu woman who came up after a concert in Aklavik, NWT and asked if her daughter could touch me to prove that I was really there and not on TV.

Along the way, as well, I've heard some great music from singers and writers who have remained defiantly unfamous.

The Roses on Annie's Table


The old folksinger's homepage is about all that - not just what I have done, but what I have learned. Under Old Folksinger's Tips you will find tips on how to put on a house concert that would make Martha Stewart proud; how to raise $25,000 for your CD; and how a few of us used a shoestring music video to help save Clayoquot. Under Old Folksinger's Pick you will find some great musicians you have probably never heard. Under About Bob Bossin and His Music you can find out more about me and my work. On The Jukebox you will find music samples. At The Store, you can order CDs, etc. And under Miscellany you can find out how the Queen was saved from wasps.

We will, from time to time, update this site, and we welcome your comments and suggestions. Click here to send us a message. If you find the old folksinger's homepage helpful or entertaining, please mention it to friends. Thanks for dropping by.Bob

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