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Folk music is a defiantly regional business, one of the few things that still is. People in British Columbia and people in Texas have different "favourite" folksingers. Amen. Still it would be nice if catching wind of the good stuff from across the continent were not quite so chancy. Even if you live within earshot of a good folk radio show (I don't) or a folk festival with an adventurous artistic director (I do), you are still likely to miss much of the best folk music around. Ergo, Old Folksinger's Pick, cyber-tipsheet and cassette.

The cassette came first. I figured, if the CBC wasn't going to have a folk show (it doesn't), I'd make my own. I started asking some of performers I've shared stages with over the years if I could borrow a cut or two from their recent CDs. Most were keen. (Actually, all the musicians were keen; the enthusiasm lessened when it came to some of the labels.)

The result was Old Folksinger's Pick, a 90-minute cassette of music by 14 Canadian, British and American folk performers. Being: Keith Bennett & Tin Sandwich, Rick Bockner, Steve Gillette, Ken Hamm, Veda Hille, Hilary James, Crow Johnson, Penny Laing, Jez Lowe & the Bad Pennies, Cindy Mangsen, Simon Mayor, Rick Scott and Travels with Charley.

The cassette came out in the fall of 1995 and proved a roaring success (i.e. it broke even). If you would like to buy a copy, go to the Store. At $11, what's to lose? Satisfaction guaranteed, or your money cheerfully refunded.

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