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The Roses on Annie's TableBob Bossin - Gabriola V0R1X0

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Latkes       (2007)
"A great story. Bossin is an excellent writer, on top of being an excellent musician. Not fair!"
- Miriam Toews

2nd prize winner in the Antigonish Review's 2007 Sheldon Currie Fiction Contest.

Latkes is Bob's not-so-short story, with artwork by Sima Elizabeth Shefrin. For an excerpt, click here.

The Roses on Annie's Table

$12 ($10 for each additional copy)**
The Roses on Annie's Table (2005) (sound clips)
"Remarkably rich and insightful"
Greg Quill, Toronto Star

"Remarkable. Only Bob Bossin would have the skill and the chutzpah to combine a love ballad with a warning of environmental disaster"
- Shelagh Rogers, CBC Radio

"A dandy introduction to a musical nomad who tracks every subject from environmental end times to the course of true love, illicit and otherwise"
- Patrick Langston, Ottawa

"I love this album."
- Dan Bern

It took 12 years to grow The Roses on Annie's Table, but it was worth the wait. With art song diva Veda Hille in the producer's chair, Bob is joined by a dozen of the west coast's best musicians, including cellist Peggy Lee, Rene Worst on string bass, Keith Bennett on harmonica, a barbershop quartet, a brass band, Grammy winner (and Stringband alumnus) Ben Mink, and Bob's daughter Madelyn. Includes Gingerbread, Shirley Ann, Nanaimo, Gary Davis. For more info click here
The Roses on Annie's Table
CD: $20 OBO*
The Indispensable Stringband

"Stringband searched relentlessly for what
they thought was a Canadian voice. Not finding it, they perhaps invented it."

- Douglas Fetherling, Saturday Night

The Indispensable Stringband

This 2-CD box set collects 46 of the seminal Canadian folk group's classic songs, plus 4 new pieces, recorded when the group re-united for a 30th anniversary party in 2001. Some of the performers: Bob, Marie-Lynn Hammond, Calvin Cairns, Dennis Nichol, Ben Mink, Terry King, Nanci Ahern, Stan Rogers, Kieran Overs, Jane Fair, Ken and Chris Whiteley and many more. Songs include The Maple Leaf Dog, Dief Will Be the Chief Again, Mic Mac Song, Mrs. Murphy, I Don't Sleep with Strangers Anymore, Flying/Spring of '44, Lunenberg Concerto, Elsie, Tugboats... and on and on.
CD: $35
GABRIOLA V0R1X0 (1994) (sound clips)
"Witty, intelligent and sophisticated"
- Folk Roots
"Bossin's best yet!"
- Tom Paxton
"Bossin is among the quirkiest, most unpredictable, funniest and most respected of Canadian folk composers"
- The Georgia Straight
After 15 years away, Bob ("The Clint Eastwood of Canadian folk music" - Gary Cristall) returned to the studio to make GABRIOLA V0R1X0. The CD has received glowing reviews in Folk Roots, Sing Out!, Dirty Linen, Victory Review, Northern Journey and other publications."Not many people", says Pete Seeger, "can write songs that are funny, informative and inspiring at the same time. Bossin can." Bob is joined on the album by John Reischman, Stephen Fearing, Roy Forbes, Valdy, Ann Mortifee, Veda Hille and a who's who of the Vancouver folk and jazz scene. The songs include "The Secret of Life According to Satchel Paige" ("The best baseball song ever" - Ken Orchard, Offbeat Magazine), "Sulphur Passage" ("Maybe THE environmental anthem for our time" - Sing Out!), the CBC hit "Ya Wanna Marry Me?" and the almost comprehensible "La Chanson Francée."
CD: $20 OBO*
Custom Orders
The rest of Bob's and Stringband's recordings are officially "out of print" but we can make you a CD-R of the following items, or of any of the old Stringband albums. The cover art won't be pretty, but what the hell, eh? We can also make a CD-R of particular songs you might be after. Contact bob by e-mail:
Old Folksinger's Pick (1995)
"A showcase of fresh, wise work...
Almost every cut is terrific."

- Joseph Blake, Times Colonist
"It's a treat."
Gene Wilburn, Northern Journey
Old Folksinger's Pick is a collection of 22 cuts by 14 different, and damn good, folk performers. It is an experiment born out of excitement and frustration: excitement, because some of the best folk music ever recorded has come out in the last year or two; frustration because, but for the odd play on CBC, most people never find out about it. So, this 90-minute digitally-mastered cassette of music by 14 Canadian, British and American folk performers. Being: Keith Bennett & Tin Sandwich, Rick Bockner, Steve Gillette, Ken Hamm, Veda Hille, Hilary James, Crow Johnson, Penny Laing, Jez Lowe & The Bad Pennies, Cindy Mangsen, Simon Mayor, Rick Scott and Travels with Charley. Never heard of them? Wait 'til you do!
(2 CDs) $20 OBO*
Sulphur Passage Video (1994)
"Tara and I wept when we watched it"
- David Suzuki
"It's exciting, it's moving, it's inspiring. I'll take ten!"
- Pete Seeger
Award-winning film-maker Nettie Wild directed this music video of Bob's song. It is a stirring anthem for the preservation of the rainforest.
Price: $12 OBO* (DVD-R)
Settling Clayoquot (1980)
"For the stuff of drama, look no further."
- The Globe and Mail
SQ is Bob's book about the early years of "settlement" at Tofino and Clayoquot Sound. This subtly off-beat aural history was published, with a little trepidation, by the BC Provincial Archives in 1981.
Out Of Print

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for additional copies to the same address.

**   In the US: $15 , including mailing; $12
for additional copies to the same address.

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 The Indispensible Stringband  $35
V0R 1X0
 Old Folksinger's Pick (2 CDs)  $20
 Sulphur Passage Video  $10
 Settling Clayquot  $20
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