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Bob's Songs and Where To Find Them

Album code:
ROAT = The Roses on Annie's Table
TIS = The Indispensable Stringband
UN = Unrecorded; contact Bob directly.

The songs:

  • Bill Miner (GV)
  • Bob's Carol (ROAT)
  • The Casca and the Whitehorse Burned Down (TIS)
  • La Chanson Francée (with Divishti Rankin, Edith Piaf) (GV)
  • Cleaning Up the Oil (with Jez Lowe) (GV) 
  • Curve Ball (ROAT)
  • Daddy Was a Ballplayer (TIS)
  • Did You Hear That They Busted the Fiddle-player? (TIS)
  • Dief will Be the Chief Again (TIS)
  • Fire on the Island (TIS)
  • Gary Davis (ROAT)
  • Hoedown (TIS)
  • In the Days of the Pied Pumkin (UN))
  • Liliy (ROAT)
  • London (ROAT)
  • Look What's Become of Me (TIS)
  • Love in Seven (GV)
  • Lunenburg Concerto (TIS)
  • Lying Here with Annie (GV)
  • The Maple Leaf Dog (TIS)
  • Mrs. Murphy (with Marie-Lynn Hammond) (TIS)
  • Nanaimo (ROAT)
  • The New Steamboat Whistle Blues (ROAT)
  • Newfoundlanders (TIS)
  • Oh How Happy I Am (after Rev. Gary Davis) (UN)
  • Refuse the Cruise (UN)
  • The Roses on Annie's Table (ROAT)
  • The Secret of Life According to Satchel Paige (GV, TIS)
  • Shirley Ann (ROAT)
  • Show Us the Length (TIS)
  • The Silkwood Woman (UN)
  • Sterner Stuff (TIS)
  • Sulphur Passage (GV)
  • Tugboats (TIS)
  • The Union Cowboy (TIS)
  • Ya Wanna Marry Me? (GV)

Apart from Stringband's and Bob's own recordings, his songs have been sung or recorded by various performers, groups and choirs including:

  • Ewan McColl and Peggy Seeger
  • Ian Tyson
  • Valdy
  • Pete Seeger
  • Full Circle
  • The Island Singers
  • Charley King
  • The Malaspina College Choir
  • Sodbusters
  • Bright Morning Star
  • The Vancouver Men's Chorus
  • Jane Voss and Hoyle Osborn

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