1 long street

parker mah

Some say the street is the stage for the drama of life. I prefer to think of it as the spectator.
To the eyes of the doors & windows, to the ears of the lampposts & beaten pavement, through the dark alleys & gutters of dust & trash, nothing passes unnoticed.
The camera is also complicit in this gesture, which is universal across urban cultures. In the street can happen everything, and nothing in particular. These photos are snapshots of the latter, scenes in which life simply goes on until the next corner.

Originally from Vancouver, Parker Mah now lives and works in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This is his second year participating in the MOPP exhibition. The current offering is cobbled together from the streets of Vancouver, Montreal, Cape Town, Nagoya, Fes, Paris, Bangkok, Lisbon, and other great urban centres of the world.



the Month of People's Photography 2008 - Home Sweet Street