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   The objective of the 'On Hole-y Ground Project' is to identify and define some of the hazards that Search and Rescue Personnel encounter on searches. It will also serve to provide information about old log train grades. Some of the hazards that Search and Rescue need to be made aware of include vertical cave entrances that may be hard to see as well as mines which have unmarked, unprotected airshafts. There are crevasses and rock walls to be identified before they are encountered unexpectedly. Members should know about areas of poor radio communication and magnetic deposits that affect their compasses. Dangerous waterways and crossings need to be marked on maps for members of river or embankment searches. Old logging railroad grades could make travel by foot easier and faster. Knowing the location of Hot Springs can make an overnight stay in cold weather more comfortable. When time can mean the difference between life and death, having the correct information readily available is vital for safe and effective Search and Rescue efforts.

Radar HIll Crash Site
Aerial view of Radar Hill Canso crash site

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