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Life in a Putty Knife Factory

I got this book from an Ebay seller, I had purchased another book from her and she sent me
a note saying she also had this book in her collection. Collecting gets easier with connections.

Book Information:

1943 by H. Allen Smith
Published 1943 by Doubleday,Doran First Edition
Original price $2.00

This is "Book Club" edition that I purchased on Ebay. I am still looking for the signed 1st edition. (Found it see above.)
It is in remarkable condition for a book printed in 1945.

Book Information:

1943 by H. Allen Smith
Reprinted 1945 The Blakiston Company
Original price $1.00
I paid $3.99. This is a great deal thanks Pam.

Another Copy, this one is a US army issue to the troops, soft cover and small enough to store in a pack or a pocket. I got this one from a seller in Australia.