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A Book of Salty Entertainment for Adults of All Ages   (description on the cover)

This must have been a lead up to Rude Jokes. This book is made up of short humorous writings and jokes, very easy to read, hard to put down and sure to keep you in stitches.


  In our own frontier west there were various recipes for coffee, something like this: put the can of water on to boil and add coffee and keep addin' coffee and then add some more till when you throw a horseshoe nail in it will float - then the stuff's ready to drink.
 Out in Australia they say that the only proper way to cook a cockatoo is to put the bird into a billy (can) along with an axe-head. Boil until the axe-head is soft. The cockatoo is then ready to eat.


Book Information:

1968 by H. Allen Smith
Published by Trident Press
Original price $4.95