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Well, I obtained this book in April 2003. The inscription is to Walter Salefski. It
appears that this is the fourth book I have purchased from the same collection.
(If anyone knows about this collection, please let me know, thanks.). There is another
inscription on the inside cover that reads: "1947, Merry Christmas, Izzy"
Leo Hershfield did the line drawings.

From page 12:
A man sitting quietly before his fire may be at peace, but he is not at rest. If he sits long enough:
  1) He turns a gigantic somersault, once every 24 hours, because of the earth's daily rotation on its axis. If he lives half way between the North Pole and the Equator, this motion carries hi, along at some 700 miles per hour.
  2) The earth's annual revolution around the sun swings him in an orbit nearly 200,000,000 miles across at a speed of 18 miles per second.
  3) The movement of the whole solar system relative to neighbor stars takes him in the direction of Vega at about 12 miles per second.
  4) The whole galaxy to which the sun and all other visible stars belong - the Milky Way- appears to be slowly rotating. Various regions in this great disk, six hundred thousand trillion miles across, rotate at different speeds. Mr. sit-by-the-fire swings around the centre of the Milky Way at 170 miles per second.


Book Information:

1947 by H. Allen Smith and Nelle Smith
Published by Doubleday - First Edition
Original price $2.00