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Consulting & Design

Permaculture consulting & design services are available across Canada. Please get in touch with me if you are interested in the possibility of some consulting or permaculture design for your property. I travel across Canada regularly and I can let you know when I will be in your region. The services are available in english or french.

The consulting process works in three parts:
The first part is the client interview. I will try to find out as much information as possible regarding your needs, your plans, your resources, etc.
The second part is walking the land. Through careful observation, I will read the landscape, observe the energy flow and provide you with a preliminary assesment of what the land has to offer.
The third part is the preliminary design. How do we get from here to there, from what the land has to offer to what you want to do on the land.  Different strategies, techniques & plants will be suggested to you.

Gregoire Lamoureux has been a consultant for many permaculture projects in British Columbia and also in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec & the Yukon.

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