Recreation, Culture and Food

The Winlaw area is in the Slocan Valley, part of the West Kootenay region.  An important aspect of the local culture here is that many residents live on organic homesteads and farms.

Our permaculture courses take place in an ideal situation. With its lakes, rivers, creeks, and mountains, the West Kootenay is a beautifully scenic place that for a century has offered opportunities to boaters, canoeists, swimmers, and fishers, as well as hikers, backpackers and climbers.  Recently, sports like bike touring, mountain biking and kayaking have become very popular here.  In Winlaw, you have easy access to the many recreational and cultural opportunities of the whole West Kootenay region.

Winlaw is on the Slocan River, not far from Slocan Lake, near the city of Nelson and the villages of Slocan, Silverton, and New Denver.

Recreational Opportunities

§    Tour-Bicycling on Highway 6 or the Valley Backroad
§    A Retired, Smoothed Railbed runs through the Valley (Hiking, Biking)
§    Slocan Lake & River offer Water Recreation
§    Valhalla Park (enter from the Slocan Valley) – Spectacular Wilderness!
§    Kokanee Glacier Park offers many Hiking Trails and has many Access Points from the Slocan Valley
§    Kootenay Lake (West Arm) offers More Water Recreation
§    Too Many More Opportunities to List

Cultural and Entertainment Opportunities

§    Art and Fine-Craft Galleries (Slocan Valley and Nelson)
§    FLIKS film night (Slocan Valley)
§    Two book stores (Winlaw)
§    The Capitol Theater offers Plays, Music (Nelson)
§    Civic Theatre Film Night (quality, unusual films - Nelson, Thurs)
§    Commercial Films Daily (Nelson & Castlegar)
§    Live-Music Lounges (Nelson)
§    Heritage Buildings & Historical Museums  (Nelson, New Denver)
§    Kohan Traditional-Japanese Garden (New Denver)
§    Sandon (Ghost-Town Restoration)
§    Various Summer Performance and Art Festivals

Food & Drink

§    Four Stores where you can buy Natural Food in the Slocan Valley, one in Winlaw & many more in Nelson
§    Three Farmers’ Outdoor Markets (Nelson, Kaslo & Slocan Valley)
§    Cedar Creek Café; Sleep is for Sissies; Fomi’s Bakery:  Winlaw Establishments offering Meals, Snacks, Coffee
§    Numerous Ethnic & Natural-Food Restaurants (Nelson)
§    Numerous Fine-Coffee & Muffin Bars (Nelson)