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Forest Garden at Spiral Farm May 2013
Forest Garden 2013
Forest Garden at Spiral Farm in Winlaw, BC. Home of Kootenay Permaculture May 2013

Magazine Interview:
Permaculture: Designing through Observation  
Story by Tricia Edgar Kalev.com contributor. January 1, 2013:


Radio Interview:
Kootenay Coop Radio Show:
The EcoCentric: 
Intervew with Gregoire Lamoureux Permaculture Teacher & Observer at Kootenay Permaculture. August 2012:


Video Interview:
A Whole Village - Episode 8
Published on Aug 16, 2012 in Caledon, Ontario.

A Video Series produced by Jon Gagnon (http://www.youtube.com/user/wholevillage)

Each year Whole Village host a Permaculture Design Course so that participants can learn the theories and see how they are implemented on the farm.


Mandala Garden

Mandala Garden December 2006  
Mandala Garden in December.

Finally the garden is perfect!
Covered with snow,
nothing else to do for now!
Enjoying it!

Actually there are many carrots, leeks & kale hiding under the snow and the heavy mulch of hay that was put on the beds before the snow. We just made a tasty soup with all those great fresh veggies a few days ago!
Best Wishes to everyone during the Winter season!

Kootenay Coop Radio Show:

The EcoCentric Intervew:

Jul 13 2010 - Ethical Food in my Belly

Listen up to the sound of hands digging in the dirt, chickens scratching, and friends sharing a healthy conscious meal when we talk with Gregoire Lamoureux from the Kootenay Permaculture Institute and Berlin Reed, The Ethical Butcher from Portland Oregon.

Download the podcast:

Deconstructing Dinner:

A Permaculture Radio Show was broadcasted on the local Co-op Radio in Nelson, BC. It was also broadcasted on 2 radio stations in the Vancouver area and also in Victoria, Nanaimo and Kamloops.
It features an interview with a permaculture teacher from Winlaw, BC, Gregoire Lamoureux. It also include some other interesting clips from a presentation by David Holmgren in Vancouver in September 2005 & an interview with Peter Bane the publisher of the Permaculture Activist.
You can download and listen to it.
Here is the link:

Magaine interview:

This Magazine:

How farmers are going to save civilization

By Jenn Hardy

Advocates for ‘permaculture’ say it can improve our diets, heal our environment, and improve our lives. Meet a new generation of farmers with some radical ideas for untangling our food chain (and saving the world in the process)


Slocan River Streamkeepers


I have been involved for the last few years with some ecological restoration work in the Slocan Valley. We have planted native trees & shrubs in the riparian area along the Slocan River with the Slocan River Streamkeepers.


Dialogue on the Future of Agriculture by Gregoire Lamoureux

Mobile Biodiversity Festival 2003 in India

A Visit to Nepal

Seed Display
Display by Deccan Development Society; Photo by Mike Gluss and IDRC.

The South-Asia Canada Dialogue on the Future of Agriculture: A dialogue between farmers and representants of organizations who support ecological agriculture in many countries including, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Canada. A Vision Statement called: "Our Common Ground" was produced during the dialogue: 

Common Ground  (in Word)

In french (en francais) : Terrain d' Entente (in Word)

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