Dog Gallery



             Black Labradors                                        Border Collie                                      Airedale Terriers                

            Commissioned Painting                                            Commissioned Painting                                         Commissioned Painting              



                Pals                                                  Boxer                                                           Friends                  

                Commissioned Painting                                         Commissioned Painting                                                    Commissioned Painting                




              Siberian Husky                                 Companions                                           Retriever Study                 

Commissioned painting                                     Commissioned painting                                           Commissioned Painting      




            Bichon                                    Best Friends                                   Boxer               

       Commissioned painting                                      Commissioned painting                                   Commissioned Painting      



My Collie                                              Golden Puppy                                                     Buddies

                                                                                                                                                                       Commissioned painting   



Pug                                                    king Charles                                                     Retriever

Commissioned painting                                                                                                                                        



 English Springer Spaniel                The Rottwieler                     The Dalmatian                    



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