About the Artist             



Janet Harper/Davies.

I have been interested in art from a very young age.  After sketching and shading in pencil while still young, I progressed to oils as a young teenager after receiving my first set of oil paints and canvas from my parents for Christmas one year.  Having been born and raised in England,  most of my subjects were of  local scenery and picturesque English villages.  My home county of Dorset provided me with a wealth of inspiration with it's beautiful quaint thatched cottages, and rolling green countryside. After my arrival in Canada I found myself painting BC's local scenery of emerald green lakes and mountains. I finally discovered my favorite medium - pastels a few years ago and after using velour paper for the first time, found myself unable to return to using oils or regular pastel paper.


Painting animals with soft pastel combined with the softness of velour paper gives each painting a soft realistic velvety feel. In each picture I try to capture the silky quality of fur, so soft 'you can almost feel it'. With these tools and my own love of dogs everything seemed to come together. I work now from my home in Vernon BC, with my dogs consistently by my side as I paint, in an ever growing section of the house dedicated to my artwork, where pastel dust and paraphernalia have become the norm! 


Each time I begin a portrait I strive to capture the animals personality in it's eyes and posture, lots of pictures and on-site sketches enable me to do this more effectively.  Thank you for visiting my site and feel free to contact me at any time.