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Striving  to bring out the beauty and personality of your pet, I capture their most mischievous, soulful, or playful moments forever, for you to treasure and remember your pet by, through its' years........ from a playful youngster to a happy laid back and content adult.


Welcome to Pet Portraits!

My pet portraits are taken from favorite photographs or a combination of photos for more than one pet.

  Good quality pastel is applied on soft beautiful velour paper giving the     painting a luxurious velvety finish unique only to this type of paper.  For those requiring a more vivid look with startling realistic detail and clarity, good     quality Ingres and pastel paper is used in a variety of earthy tones and shades.

Your pets final portrait is also available printed onto high quality cards or    writing paper if so desired, for you to share with friends and family. For last minute gift ideas, or for those who are unable to provide  good photographs right away, I now offer gift certificates. Please contact me for further information. 









 Now accepting equestrian orders!

                  Choose between a full-body or a head and shoulder portrait.