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         Small 9" X 12"

       Medium 12" X 18"

        Large 18" X 24"

One Pet

Head and Shoulders

Full Body

         $165.00 CDN






Two Pets

Head and Shoulders

Full Body










Three Pets

Head and Shoulders

Full Body










Pet Study

Two Pictures, e.g. Pup/Adult

4 Pictures

5 Pictures












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Pet Study ...A pet study is a compilation of between 2 - 5 pictures of your pet,

faded together in one painting. Some example themes are as follows: From pup

to adult; different stages and activities as the pet matures. Daily Life;

from sleeping, and playing to walking and napping. 

All prices in Canadian dollars. All prices subject to change without notice.

Please Email the artist for information on payment and shipping. 

These prices do not reflect courier or framing costs, please contact the artist for estimates.


Gift Certificates are an excellent alternative for anyone who cannot obtain adequate

photos in time, or another way of letting the pet owner choose exactly the right pose

most fitting to their petís personality.


                                                                                                                                 Shipping                                                                                                                                           For customers outside of the Vancouver Canada area, I offer courier service to deliver

unframed paintings only. Each portrait is tightly sandwiched between tissue and foam

core board which prevents any smudging or damage. I provide extra support to the large

sized portraits for extra stability while in transit. Please contact me for an estimate to

your part of the world.


            I do not require a deposit on unframed paintings; however I do request a non-refundable

            deposit on framing, due after you have approved your portrait. You are under no

            obligation to purchase the finished painting should you not be satisfied with the

            final result. Generally I e-mail the final result to the customer to obtain

            their approval and make any changes they may feel are necessary. Once you have approved

            the painting the portrait will be delivered to you as soon as payment has been received.



 Timing of Order placement

            For the busier times of year I recommend placing your order within the following time

            frames to avoid disappointment.  Be sure to check outside of these times however,

            should there still be availability left, or maybe consider purchasing a gift certificate.

            In general, framed orders, orders with the full body included or orders with more

            than one pet take a little longer to complete.           

                  Be sure to allow extra time for courier service.

                  Motherís Day (England)       Place before:  end of February

                  Motherís Day (N America)   Place before:  end of April

                  Fatherís Day                          Place before:  end of May

                  Christmas Day                       Place before: mid November

           Outside of these times, an unframed portrait with good clear photographs as references,

           take anywhere from 7 Ė 10 days to complete depending upon workload.