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Working Lots and running errands not everyday is glamorise photography day but life goes on and so does Photography. Spent a day shooting in Vancouver a wile back had a great time, a buddy of mine lent me his 70-200mm 2.8L lens it was fun to work with although it did not fit in my backpack, needless to say I need a bigger pack. ill hopefully have some images to post from using that lens in a short wile. Vancouver is fun lots of things to see and Photograph I know I used to Work downtown Vancouver but moved away about 12 years ago. I spent the day wandering around the inner city photographing buildings alleyways landmarks etc. on the way home I took the sky train out of town back to my car but before i got on the train I was able to take a few shots of the underground Sky train station at Granville St. Wishing I had a Fisheye at the time I instead took some HDR shots and some long exposures with the train and people in motion. after a lot of procrastination I have a few new images to post Check them out. Westbound and Memories.


Well everything is done, The new site is up and the hard work is over. Now its time to focus on getting more images and working on new subjects and trying new techniques. For me its been a long road to get here due to lack of hardware and some software that I needed to actually get to this point. Recently I have been able to do almost all my workflow in a mater of a 3 month period. This for me is truly amazing since so often we take tons and tons of images and they just sit there on our hard drive waiting for finishing. Two weeks ago I had my first attempt at smoke photography, this is something I have never tried but have always wanted to attempt. Let me just tell you You definitely need a flash to do this type of photography. I wanted to try and attempt to get some images using a lot of led lights as my secondary light source but this turned out to be a complete failure due to in my mind only the lack of the number of led lights I had available to me and not so much the fact I was not using a flash. However I am not willing to buy a ton of led lights just to attempt this again, what I will do is buy a flash in due time and then I will reattempt. The weather here has been extremely poor and has limited me in getting out and getting more images but I'm hopping that with spring here the sky's will clear up and ill be back out hard at work again.