File Properties Modifications

PFrank can be used to perform bulk modifications of file propertiess. File Properties mode is enabled by using the 'Mode' menu of the main window and selecting "File Properties" mode. Once enabled, you can change the Last-Modified Date/Time and Creation Date/Time stamps of files. Read-Only, Archive, System, and Hidden attributes can also be changed for files and folders. The mode can also be enabled using shortcut keys from the Main window or the Detailed Information (DI) window (also called the preview window). File Properties mode makes it trivial to set/clear attributes from large groups of files or to set the files to the same timestamps.

The DI window in File Properties mode displays columns showing the current attributes and the Last-Modified, Creation, and Last Accessed dates. These columns are instantly updated when any changes are applied using the Apply button.

The Apply button has a menu to the right of it that is used to select the Apply method (the menu is circled in the screenshot below). The apply methods are used to select where changes are to take place (all rows or all selected rows). The screenshot below shows the layout of the preview page when File Properties mode is active.