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In 1904, Sir Wilfrid Laurier said that the 20th Century would belong to Canada. Today, it could be said that the 21st Century belongs to northern Canada.

Recent Works:

Review The Canadian Alpine Journal 2016, pages 182-183: Through an Unknown Country: The Jarvis–Hanington Winter Expedition through the Northern Rockies, 1874–1875

Review Cloudburst Spring/Summer 2016: Alexander Kellas Biography
Review Cloudburst Spring/Summer 2016: Hans Gmoser Biography
Article BC nature Mar 2016: Ice Age
Report Caledonia Ramblers Mar 2016: Bushshoeing at Slim Creek
Editorial BC nature Mar 2015: Towards a Resource Practices Board
Article Doctor's Review Jan 2015: How to hike grizzly country

Outdoor Safety & Survival by Mike Nash; published in 2012 by Rocky Mountain Books and distributed by Heritage House. Click on the book cover image, or here for more details and reviews;

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The Mountain Knows No Expert - George Evanoff, Outdoorsman and Contemporary Hero by Mike Nash; published in March 2009 by Natural Heritage Books / Dundurn. Click on the book cover image for more details;...or, click here to link to Publisher Web Site

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Finalist in the Mountain Literature category in the 2009 Banff Mountain Book Festival

Banff Essay

Exploring Prince George - A Guide to North Central B.C. Outdoors by Mike Nash; second edition published in 2007 by Rocky Mountain Books and distributed by Heritage House. Click on the book cover image for more details;

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Prince George and Central British Columbia:

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    British Columbia, CANADA

    Paxton Lake-Northern BC Rockies (photo by Mike Nash)