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Exploring Prince George - A Guide to North Central B.C. Outdoors by Mike Nash was first published in 2004 by Rocky Mountain Books and Heritage House, and a second edition was published in 2007. Described by the author as a guide book with a difference, Exploring Prince George is designed to be a book of self-discovery, laced with personal anecdotes, historical notes, and tips for enjoying North Central B.C.'s outdoors.

Rocky Mountain Books 2007

This quality soft cover book, with 280 pages, over 100 photographs, 10 maps, and an 8-page colour section, shows Prince George and North Central British Columbia as a truly special place to call home or to visit. Described as "A guidebook with a difference" the book encourages exploration of the city and the surrounding area with an accent on self-discovery. Urban walks and wilderness hikes mix with interesting facts, historical notes, personal stories, and practical information, all the while showcasing Prince George as a place that is unique in Canada and an ideal staging point for B.C.'s northern hinterland.

This second printing, with a new front and back cover, was published by Rocky Mountain Books in 2007 and is distributed by Heritage House. $24.95 Cdn. ISBN 13: 978-1-894765-49-7; ISBN 10: 1-894765-49-4

The author has 28 years of experience with outdoor and backcountry recreation in Prince George and northern British Columbia, and has more than a decade of writing about the area in newsletters, magazines and a community newspaper. 'Exploring Prince George' is a book that fills a gap in the literature about B.C.'s Interior. The book is laid out geographically, beginning with the city itself; and with added sections describing colourful historical events, contemporary world class caves, down to earth facts about bears, and 'how to' information about the outdoors. The theme of the closing chapter, 'Northern Light', is inspired by the clear skies and sunshine prevalent in winter; the burst of greenery in the spring; long evenings of summer twilight; golden colours of fall, and spectacular year-round sunsets.


"Mike Nash has provided us with a finely researched book of North Central B.C. which even to old timers fills a considerable gap in our knowledge. Outdoors people, naturalists and even the couch potatoes will stand and applaud."

"I bought your book the other day. It's terrific. Congratulations. I am telling everyone I know about it, including folks south of the border! I'll keep passing the word. Thank you for writing it and sharing your wisdom and experience (and humour) with the rest of the world."

"I have read most of your book. Great job. I really like the stories that go with the technical descriptions of the various hikes. Great photos as well. Well done."

"The book is wonderful and will be used and recommended."

"Congratulations on a fine piece of quality work. The format works very well, truly a guide with a difference. The mixture of history, personal anecdote and description is very effective and a pleasant change from a standard guidebook."

"A fascinating mix of hiking and cross-country ski routes and adventures, natural history, historical facts, and personal outdoor stories. The author's enthusiasm entices the reader to delve deep into both city trails and backcountry to discover their own similar joys. Besides being a practical guide to the area's trails, Exploring Prince George resonates with the spirit of community involvement that has been key in achieving many of the in-town and backcountry trails and parks."

Letter for Prince George 200-year anniversary time capsule

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Mike Nash is also the author of Outdoor Safety & Survival, published by Rocky Mountain Books in April 2012; The Mountain Knows No Expert: George Evanoff Outdoorsman and Contemporary Hero, published by Natural Heritage Books and Dundurn in 2009; and Outdoor Safety and Survival in British Columbia's Backcountry, self-published in 2007. For more information about the author:

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