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Biography"Painting is my passion - it's all about passion," Parin says.  "Creating a piece of art evokes spirituality in me, it gives me personal satisfaction.  Whenever I apply paint strokes to the canvas, it doesn't matter how good or bad it turns out to be, it is still me - my paintings reflect the mood I am in.  If the end result doesn't satisfy me, so be it.  I’ll try again.”Parin was born and raised in Tanzania, East Africa, where unfortunately, the opportunities to develop her inherent love and ability to paint were very limited, if not non-existent.  She finished her education in Kenya and England, and returned to Tanzania where she got married and lived for another two years.  However, she had to leave Tanzania because of turbulent political situation and went to Kuwait where she lived for a couple of years before immigrating to Canada in 1973.  Initially, she had little time to think of painting - busy raising a family and working at a regular paying job trying to make ends meet - until it was time for her to retire from active economic life.  "It was later on in life that I could afford to delve into vitalizing my artistic endeavours."  She took up painting as a hobby and fell in love with it.  "It makes my adrenaline flow faster.  I get all excited when I see beautiful landscape, and want to splash colours on my canvas right away - but I have learnt to be patient.  I love bold vibrant colours, as you will notice, and will simply add a mountain, a stream or a tree here and there, as long as it pleases my eyes.  Painting is simply an impression of reality, and I suppose that is why I enjoy it.  I don't have to be exact - just pleasing to the eye." Parin's love of art is depicted in her eagerness to soak up as much as she can from attending art classes and being mentored by Doug Swinton and attending  various workshops  by renowned artists such as Neil Patterson, Mike Svob, John Poon, Rick Berg, Sarah Kidner and many more.  “However, I believe it has to be in you - I mean an artistic inclination - and I must have it in me to have taken it up and enjoy it so much!”Her love for excitement and adventure has led her to travel extensively around the world, and her love for open air and nature has led her to trek up mountains in various countries.  "The more you travel, the more you learn.  Life is a continuous learning process.  I am always learning new ways and painting techniques.”   She loves landscapes, but also does floral and abstract.  Her work has found its way into corporate offices and private homes.  She also donates her work to various charities and worthwhile causes.  Parin is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, Calgary Sketch Club and the Leighton Art Centre.
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Serenity24 x 48  Acrylic on Canvas
Alpine Meadows20 x 20 Acrylic on canvas
Open Gate20 x 24  Oil on Canvas
One Perfect DayOil on canvas 12 x 24
Serengeti20 x 28 Oil on canvas
Reflexions 10 x 40  Oil on Canvas - SOLD
Prairie Sunshine SOLD
Two Blue Mountains20 x 24  Oil on Canvas
Lone Fisherman20 x 40 Acrylic on canvas
Along The Okanagen 10 x 30  Oil on Canvas - SOLD
2 Yellow Trees12 x 18  Oil on Canvas
Tall Trees
Country Home18 x 24  Oil on Canvas
Round the Bend 18 x 36  Oil on canvas 
California CoastlineSOLD
Along the Bow 212 x 16 Acrylic on canvas
Along the Bow16 x 18  Acrylic on canvas
Lake LouiseSOLD
Spring has SprungSOLD
Out for a Ride24 x 48 Acrylic on canvas
Reaching Up10 x 30  Oil on Canvas
Sunset at Scandia Park18 x 24 Oil on canvas
Three SistersSOLD
Spring Thaw20 x 30  Oil on canvas
Fall TreesOil on canvas 12” x 16"
Windy Ridge12 x 16 Oil on canvas
Kananaskis CountryOil on canvas 12 x 14
For My Valentine 24 x 24  Oil on canvas SOLD
Pink Roses 2 16 x 25 Oil on canvas
Sunshine in the Dark
Red BouquetSOLD
Pink Roses 16 x 24 Oil on canvas
Splash of Colours22 x 24  Oil on canvas
Changing ColoursSOLD   
"the Works"30 x 30 Oil on canvas
Four Seasons 30 x 30 Oil on canvas
End of Season 20 x 30  Oil on Canvas
Cheer Me Up16 x 20  Oil on Canvas
Fall Foliage24 x 36  Oil on Canvas
Galloping Horses
Blowing in the Wind
Simon's Barn
Cooling Off