This Teacher . . .

Moved to New Westminster a year or so ago, and while she found a new hairdresser there to colour her grey, coarse hair every few weeks, she gave a fail for cuts; consistently saying they must try harder. Now she attends the city every couple of months to give my meticulous graduated bob an A +.

Lesson learned.


This schoolkid . . .

Won’t “fade" into the background with this current look.


I’ve known him since he was a baby, and while he always kept his hair quite short, it was time for a trendier look. Now he looks more like the age on his fake I.D. (kidding)


This English Teacher . . .

Flies back home every couple of years from Australia to get his hair cut . . . And while he’s here, he takes the opportunity to say g’day to his mom in Port Moody.

He’s not comfortable saying g’day to a stylist in Oz, though, which I just find ridiculous, but strangely. flattering–unlike this unruly look.

Normally, I cut it just "down under" his chin, but, this time, starting a new teaching job, he decided to sport a more professional look . . . That isn’t more suited to a position at Hogwarts.



After: What a transformation! He showed me a pic of Robert Downey (under) Jr. for the inspiration.                                                               


No tangles . . . Not anymore . . ..


This Accountant . . .

Counts on me to keep her hair fabulous. I calculate that the picture below sums up the result.


This Teacher . . . (What is it with teachers?)

wanted me to come up with a new formula that did not involve the schematics of a mom bob.

She likes to keep her hair short, and had never tried fun colour before, so I calculated I should keep it geometrical, and so undercut the sides for flexibility, while as part of the equation, experimenting with a few purple highlights from the mid section, blending into a band at the front.


Purple tones is always so gorgeous with brown; there’s no denying the science.

The last thing she said when she left, was that the best thing she had done in a long time was to change hairdressers. A successful experiment indeed . . ..


Can you guess . . . Which BC News Anchor’s mom this next lady is? I think they look remarkably alike. (News flash . . . It’s a guy). 


She comes in from Squamish on a regular basis with her best bud (next but one). Hair is cut close at the nape, tight on the sides and a little higher on top–the perfect look for this face shape. No fuss, no muss, it dries like this naturally just with a finger dry.


This Architect has really thick, very straight hair and a double crown that wants to stick up like a rooster. Luckily I have a good blue print for dealing with such anomaly . . ..



It involves sculpting the crown as opposed to more traditional landscaping with shears . . .  Even if the technique is not entirely to code.

After: (Is he “smizing" here?)


This Jetsetter has both curly and straight hair. Talk about turbulence, she first arrived huffing and puffing complaining she was sick of old lady hair and people treating her as if she were a piece of baggage. She didn’t think her hair could ever take a different trajectory. She didn't want to divert to colour, per se, but, after we worked with both the curl at the back and straightness at the front to give her a more aerodynamic style, she tried an amethyst streak just for fun, but now is a frequent dyer. Oh, and uh . . . She no longer gets priority boarding!


The back is all natural curl . . .  and dried with a simple scrunch . . . 


The sides and front are straight so we’ve grown it to either tuck it behind her ears or wear it longer so her specs . ..  don’t give her wings.


This Hospital Admin clerk’s extremely thick hair went almost completely grey ‘stat’. The cure? A little TLC every six weeks using a special remedy that tastes awful but really works–the proverbial chicken soup for her roots to retain what was her natural shade.


She likes to keep long layers for a more youthful look.


This Tradesman Party Animal strips it right down to the bare wood every few weeks . . .



After:  Levelled to exact parameters, a little bit of polish showcases the final construction . . .


That is flexible enough to let loose and wild


This Chef, who used to be in the movie industry, is both kind of spicy and dramatic by her very nature. She always rocked a Halle Berry pixie in the past, until growing it a little for an Audrey Hepburn style for her wedding, but now has decided to grow it out even more for the winter season.



The recipe for this flexible pixie can be all dressed for the red carpet . . .

After . . . It can also be tucked for slaving over a hot stove–which, these days, is more likely than lights, camera, action.


This Physical Trainer’s fine hair really needed a good work out. Her natural wave was being dragged down by dead weight.




This session involved numerous curls and some light lifting . . .


Bringing that heavy weight up to her chin. 


This Property Manager redecorates her thick grey hair with rotating peekaboo colour as one is evicted and another moves in. This month its amethyst to accessorize her home base of very dark brown.

©Prickly Scot 2013