I'm often asked what kind of hair do I like cutting the most?  But the long and the short of it is (see what I did there?) any. Short, long, straight, curly, male, female and everything in-between, it makes no odds to me; properly trained, I really am an all-rounder - something, not every stylist is.

I do want to give a shout out to the curly tops though, these people seem to think that theirs is a special case; that no one can deal with curly hair.  Wrong!  You just haven’t found the right stylist.

Curly tops have some kind of . . . Like . . .  Clandestine society . . . Or something . . . Support groups . . . If you will. They meet in the street, in stores and on busses all frantically asking where the other gets her hair done, and talk about how hard it is to get a decent cut.

Personally I find curly and thicker hair that people say their stylist gets ‘lost in’ is easy peasy . . . In fact, when you know what you’re doing, it’s easier to cut than any other kind, so I’m afraid you’re not special at all, my dear; simply unfortunate in that you haven’t found someone as meticulous as me to deal with it . . . So, get over yourself. :)



It’s been said that my foil highlights are the most natural people have ever had; the technique meticulous; applied with precision. I can bring back your colour from when you were 10-yrs-old, or, if you were an ugly duckling, we can pump up the volume and make you a swan, because, despite what they say, it's what’s on the outside that really matters. You’ll also find that you won’t have to write off an entire afternoon to have colour service done here; I don’t mess about or keep you waiting around while I finish someone else, and you’ll have my personal attention from start to finish.

©Prickly Scot 2013