Kitsilano 53rd False Creek Group 
Our group meets at the False Creek School and Community Center. 
We currently have an active Cub Pack and Scout Troop.
We are look to start a Beaver Colony with suffiicient parent interest.
New members are always welcome and parents are invited to participate in the events and evening meetings! 


The Cub pack is active outdoors and loves camping. 

Each month we experience something new.  A sample of the meetings and events is summarized below.


Each year, the Cub program has been a mix of activities in the gym on meeting nights and adventures in our local community.  The exact details of the program vary from year to year with different funs events planned by the leaders. 

Registration and Cub introduction to jungle theme. Cub law and motto. Lots of Games!

Apple Day outting, Cub badge work, Halloween scary night.
Learn our knots, crafts, in-door campfire with sing-a-longs.
Cub camp - Cabin camping at the local North Shore Scout camp.
Bowling night, star badge work, and more games!
Tour VanDusen Gardens Christmas Lights.
Build a jungle mask, evening hike in the park, planning for Kub Kar rally.
Science World Sleep-over.
Cubs begin to build their Kub Kars. Badge work and games. 
Parent / Youth dinner.
Kub Kar races! Star and badge work. 
City bike-along. Chocolate bar sales.
Lazer tag night. Games in the park.
Overnight cub camp. Fire House visit.
Conservation hike in park. Badge work and games.
District Cub-o-ree Camp at Camp Byng Sunshine Coast. Car wash day. 
The group wind-ups in June. Week long Camp Wolf Howl in August. 

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