1968 Pontiac Firebird 400 Hood

The body on my car was in pretty good shape. It is the main reason I bought it. My 68 I was
working on before I got this one needed extensive bodywork and had a ton of rust. The only
thing that I needed to do for outside body work on this car was replace the stock 350 hood
with a 400 one with a hood tach, which I LOVE.

here are a few shots of the purple beauty just after I got it.



one of the scoops had a little lift on the corner of it that I will have to figure
out before it goes to paint. These thing are more than likely pot metal which
is so damn fragile.

I decided I would make the scoops functional instead of fake so I cut out the
openings. I used a drill then a carbide cutter and some sandpaper cartridge rolls
in a 1/4" die grinder to do it.


and here are a few shots of the finished scoops installed with the hood painted.
I asked the body shop dude if he could do something about the poked-up tip and he did.

then it was time to tackle the hood tach. It took a long time to get up the
nerve to drill that hole. I researched and looked at several cars before I took
the plunge. Mine is just a 1/2 inch or so forward of the stock position. I just
could not see why I would cut that far into the stiffening rib on the bottom
of the hood when there was an opening right there. I have seen cars that|
just went straight in the opening but that was a little too far away from the
stock position for me.

here are some shots of the process I went through. I bought my hood tach
from Classic Industries.

this yellow wedge is the front drivers corner position of the tach.

I used a jig saw to cut out the stiffening rib that was left under the hole saw cut.

this is after drilling the two mounting stud holes.

and here is the finished product after the hood and tach were painted to match
the car. I had the body shop paint the tach separate from the hood and we
removed the primed cover from the tach assy as well.

it looks awesome and is an accessory I think no first-gen bird should be without.
as a friend says it "made" these cars...


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