On Oct 30 to Nov 6,2011 I got to fulfill another of my
Bucket-List entries. Go to the SEMA convention in Vegas.

Here are some of the shots I took there. This page on my site will be of the vehicles I saw that are FGF
or Pontiac related. I kind of expected the pontiac pickings to be slim but was surprised at just how
slim it was. I saw one 1968, one 1969, one 1970 and about 4-5 "firebird" kits on new camaros.
there were 2-3 GTO's and 1 GTO kit on a new camaro with a styled bike with it.

The 68 bird was some kind of show car sponsored by BE COOL radiators. I think it may have been
some neat ideas that just got out of control. It was not my "cup of tea" but it was the ONLY 68 there.

Here is a link to the full Album of my shots on Photobucket

Cool Shots of SEMA Attractions
SEMA Show Vehicles
Killer Engine Bays
Flawless Interiors
Great Paint
Amazing Wheels


A forward tilting hood and front bumper smoothed and integrated into the front nose?

a twin turbo, injected SBC LS engine it looked like. a lot of "bling" that's for sure.

large hoop bar over the front seats

a lot of stainless work on those headers.

a very custom interior

and something you don't see everyday... A set of 400 hood
scoops molded into the rear quartes where the 6 chrome louvers used to be..

and a really wild tail to "finish" it off.

and a totally custom rear end.

the funky exhaust exits are kind of cool. I'm trying to find something I like...


The 69 was a very nicely done Coupe that was also outside with the rabble. sadly so.
It had a real PONTIAC engine with a nice set of Kauffman heads on it.

I really like the March serpentine pulley system. See the way the alternator
is relocated to the passenger side to balance things out when you do not have
AC, (like me. :-) I went to see the March Pulley folks in the show and do believe
I have made a deal on one of these beauties. and yes he has a drip at that
dratted water pump to intake seal. You can see the little green puddle... But
who cares, that pulley set-up is sweet!

I took a couple of close-ups of the filter area just for reference. Many FGF discussions
have been had about this area and thought it might come in handy for somebody. I
notice his shiny Dougs Headers provided a little more filter clearance than my Hedman's.

very pricey, but very nice, billet hood hinges.

and a pretty spartan interior. I miss the console, but it looked pretty good. The
"graphite" coavans dash is not for everyone, but looked good here.

and yeah, it has the camaro spoiler, but it looked pretty good in that deep gloss black.
and I really like those monster meats tucked into those fenderwells. There was some
serious mini-tubbing done to make those fit I would imagine.


And here is a VERY serious Road race car that I read about in a recent Issue of Popular
Hot Rodding magazine. I recall that it did have a pontiac powerplant in it underneath all
that hi tech injection and Twin Turbo madness....

for some reason I did not get any better pics of this awesome powerplant. I saw it early
in the show and I think I thought I would see lots more great Pontiacs....Wrong I was.

And then a whole bunch of New camaros with "kits" added by some pretty Big
name builders to try to keep the Pontiac Dream alive. I will just post all of these
without any commentary and let you decide what you like and don't like..





And that was pretty much it for Pontiacs that I saw. This show and convention is SO HUGE
that it would have been pretty easy to miss one in the heard of vehicles pretty easily.
I will post a few more pages of some of the "other" fantastic vehicles on display there as well of some of the other attractions of the show.






Here is a link to the full Album of my shots on Photobucket

Cool Shots of SEMA Attractions
SEMA Show Vehicles
Killer Engine Bays
Flawless Interiors
Great Paint
Amazing Wheels



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