1968 Pontiac Firebird Brake System Work

My car had all 4-wheel Drum Brakes. Upgrading the front to Disc was always in my plans but one day I saw a flyer
from a company in BC that I had previously purchased woodworking supplies from. It had a 4-wheel disc kit for $999.00.
Sounded like a pretty good deal to me so in a moment of weakness I ordered it. Before the dust settled though I
had "upgraded" to smaller chrome double booster, bigger piston chromed aluminum master cylinder, aluminum prop
valve, and and stainless booster brackets. So it was not $999 anymore but it should do the job and it Does look
good.... I did tell them it was for a 1968 Firebird and the kit in the flyer said it was for 67-69 f-bodies. But what
the salesperson and I did not realize was the rear kit actually only fits 1967 f-bodies because 68 and 69 f-bodies
have staggered shocks and the kit I got was specifically NOT for staggered shocks. But by the time I had
discovered the mistake, I had already powder-coated the brackets and painted the calipers (making the kit
un returnable) So I will make the best of it. With a little research on the net I discovered that there are shock
relocation kits available that place the shock inboard of the rear springs which not only moves them out of their
interference position with the drivers caliper but also allows one to use slightly bigger rear tires if you wish. Someday,
when I can afford some new rims and tires, I can go a bit bigger. The Problem with these kits is that I think they
are way over-priced for what they are, so I am going to try and make my own. I found several kits online and
some pics and descriptions so I will try it later in the spring once the engine is taken care of. See the Rear Suspension
page for all the work done to make this work.

here is link to the MBM kits (terrible customer service) I bought through KMS Tools (yes, they made the initial
mistake, but other than that they were great to deal with and I have no doubt would have allowed a return had
I not coated all the parts before I noticed the mistake)

Front Kit Complete Stock height instructions for the front kit front kit installation video
Rear Kit kit still says F-body 67-69 on it, but on the instruction booklet (that was missing from my kit) it says not for staggered shocks rear kit installation video.

I actually did not take many pictures of the disc brake installation for some reason.

Here are the calipers AFTER I ground down the rough casting flashing on the tops of the calipers.

rear caliper below.

I used the caliper coating kit from Eastwood. #10270Z It was a 2 part epoxy type paint that
went on pretty well, smoothed great and seems pretty strong. There was enough in the kit
easily for 2 good coats on 4 calipers and enough left over to paint my rail-road tie anvil :-)

except for the whole "none staggered shock" thing the kit worked really well.

Here are a couple shots of the master cyl area

before ...

booster in, pedal to rod done inside.

oh- oh. Houston we have another problem...

got the tools to make the new brake lines. Now I am practicing how to make nice double flares.
Not as easy as one would think.

I think my old Blackhawk flaring tool tip is too worn. clamps good though.

the double flaring tip adapters I was able to purchase separately from NAPA.

a roll of 3/16" and a roll of 1/4" . need special tools to flare stainless, which I don't have.
so regular steel is the way I will go.

And Here is my problem. The Master cylinder and the new aluminum Disc/Disc prop
valve look like they are designed for 1/4" fittings.

a close up of the two side-by-side to see the difference.

the Master cylinder I have is This one: MC2912ACH
and the Prop valve I have is This one:PV4A

and the kit came with 3/16 lines...



It looks like Both the Master Cylinder and the Prop valve were designed for 1/4 lines
the online specs for the Prop valve say clearly for 1/4 lines only

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