I went with some good friends to the

Drag Strip in Medicine Hat in Sept,2010

here are some shots my Son in Law JD took of us having Fun...

(these are actually shots from 1 trip at the end of August and another in Sept)
Just Stan and Mike (70 Chevelle)and I on the August night. Most of the daylight
shots were from that day then in Sept, Rick (green 69), Dion (blue ragtop 68),
and Stan and I came out. It was pretty dark by the time we were racing in Sept
and it was very cold that night, around 7 degrees celsius. I was quite disappointed
with my car in August but I found out my secondaries vwere not opening at all. I
was only running on 2 barrels. for the second night I still did not have it solved
but with a bolt in the right spot I "forced the secondaries open and picked up
2 full seconds. My best so far is 14.27 but once i get my carb/intake solved I
will be in the 13's :-)




Here is a video clip shot by my friend Darren's Boy Zach.


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