1st Generation Pontiac Firebird Information Links


If you are looking to get into First Generation Firebirds (1967-1969) this is the first place you need to go. Almost everything you ever wanted to know about these cars can be found HERE.
great information site with scans of most First gen manuals, wiring diagrams and tech information.
this ambitious fellow has all the 1968 Fisher Body manual and Service manual all available on his site.
Lots of good info on casting numbers
some good Pontiac specific information
all kinds of Information on all things Pontiac
High Performance Pontiac Magazine website. lots of good stuff including a couple of nice 68 bird desktop wallpaper images.
part numbers and more Part Numbers
Compilation of articles by Jim Hand, the Pontiac Engine Guru
Another Firebird Guys Restoration Journey in Pictures
Pontiac Wheel Applications Chart
Pontiac photo Album, Advertisement gallery, Magazine articles, and Tech notes
This is actually more of a Supplier link but there is a pretty good user forum here and tech notes.
yeah, I know it is a site for the big Pontiac boats, but some of them are pretty cool.


another good index af all things related to 1st Gen Birds.
Personal Restoration Page for a 69 Firebird (close enough :-)
pics of a 68 bird resto. White on Red. Just like mine. http://picasaweb.google.com/kennyandscarlett/FirebirdResorationProgress#
what it says

Pontiac Block Numbers

ditto Pontiac V-8 Camshafts Sorted by Type and Intake Duration 
double ditto
Pontiac V-8 Crankshafts
Pontiac Cylinder Head Information
more good info on Pontiac Crankshafts
Pontiac V-8 Crankshafts 
choosing a Pontiac Cam info
what it says
Blueprint Tuning the Pontiac V-8
yup, ditto
Water Pump Mod
what it says
Pontiac Engine Colors 
A 68 restoration Photo Album with many pics.
A very nice personal restoration site for a 67 Convertible.
My friend Ike's Photo Album. Some exceptional work. Check It out.
I very nice photo set from a FGF member restoration.
A huge collection of great pictures of another FGF Member's 68Firebird400 restoration
a nice photobucket of a
67 body restoration.
A great 69 FGF Resto Site

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