Pontiac Firebird Supplier Links

Very highly regarded Pontiac specific supplier that I have also had good luck with.
Parts place in British Columbia I have purchases from with good customer service.
If you like old cars or Drag Racing you know who Summit is. Nice free catalogs, even to us Canadians, which I do appreciate.
Same thing. Nice free catalog as well. Someday...
Firebird section of National Parts Depot Website.
I purchased their 4 wheel disc kit. Have NOT had good customer service from this company at all. I DO NOT recomend purchasing anything from them. There are lots of brake kits on the market with the same components and likely a lot better customer service.
this is a very cool Wheel Visualizer tool provided by a dealer Newstalgia Wheel with picsof all kinds of cars including First Gen's. You pic your car, your colour, stance, etc then choose from hudreds of wheel styles and sizes to see what they look like.
This is the company who makes the complete retro-fit wiring harness I purchased for my car. I'm not done yet but so far it is great. They sell the complete classic update kit or every harness piece seperately.
Seems like every parts dealer you go into here in Canada has this catalog on their counter. I have never ordered anything from them directly but have through dealers. Nice catalog.
again. Nice catalog. Never ordered anything from them.
yeah, I know it's the C word but so much stuff from them fits our cars, sometimes ya gotto go there. Bought the front end metal fastener kit of theirs through dealer.
I have ordered a lot of stuff from this company. You have to watch their pricing though. The prices change almost daily. Watch for the 20-25% discount days and make your move. Lots of good resto stuff.
this is the brand of sound deadening I purchased. Certainly not the cheapest but at the time I felt it was the best out there.
I chose the Extreme Energy 274 for my 455. Here is a link to the Comp site to the Pontiac Cam section. CamQuest software is great.
some pretty cool Pontiac Engine stuff here. I have never purchased from them. But if I had the $$$ ?
Have read lots about these guys so I did place an order with them. It arrived exactly as ordered, shipped USPS as requested, well packed. Would definately use them again.
Almost forgot these guys. If you are building Firebirds or Camaros in Alberta you know about them. Almost always crazy expensive but they have got just about anything and when you need it bad, they more than likely have the part in stock.
Zeebs (formerly Allan Rod and Custom) in Calgary. I purchased all my sound deadening material from them as they are Western Can Distributer for Second Skin. Carry lots of other stuff. They were good to deal with.
These guys are in Calgary as well. Carry a pretty good stock of restoration parts and supplies. I had a tour of their shop a couple of years ago and they do quite a bit of work on Pontiacs. Parts are expensive there.
I have been using Mopac in Calgary a lot lately and have found their prices have become very competitive in the the last year. Their customer service is excellent. They have the Best inventory of High Performance parts in Alberta I have found.
This is a performance exhaust place in Calgary. Well regarded and from what I saw in their shop, they do very nice work. They have quite a bit of performance goods in stock.
A performance Parts and Machine Shop In Edmonton that specializes in Pontiac engines.

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