Restoring 15" Pontiac Rally II Wheels.

I actually restored these wheels with no intention of putting them on my 68. My original plan
was to use some aftermarket rims going slightly larger. Maybe 16 or 17". But now that
they are done, I am pretty happy with the results. The addition of the trim rings, center cap,
and rally 2 lug nuts helped convince me. I used a Rally II restore kit from Eastwood for these
wheels and it worked very well. Last time I checked, this kit was not available any more though.
The wheels were like any other 30+ year old wheels would look like. They were nasty. I did
not take any pictures of them before I started sandblasting them which I should have.

Supplies: 1/4" Scotch blue plastic masking tape and 3/4 regular masking tape. You can see the
Eastwood stencils underneath the tape. They have been used already. I stuck them back on the
paper after using them in case I needed to do another set sometime.

some good quality self-etching primer for the sand blasted bare wheels.
The Argent Silver and Charcoal Grey Eastwood wheel paint.

wheels after sandblasting. then clean the metal with some good quality painting prep/cleaner.

two good coats of self-etching primer, I did these outside on the lawn to keep the fumes in the
garage to a min. then let them dry for a couple of days to make sure it has cured properly.

another shot of the primed wheels inside the garage drying.

back outside for two good coats of Argent Silver. One light and second one a little heavier to give wet coat.

then I let that coat dry for a day or two.

then the rally spoke decals in the kit are applied carefully. these are not to difficult because
there are raised edges on the wheel that indicate exactly where the painted areas are to be.

then a lap around the edge with the flexible blue masking tape. this should be done carefully to
give nice contour to the painted charcoal edge.

a close up of the blue tape over the edge of the decal.

then mask off the outer portion of the wheel past the edge of the blue tape using regular
masking tape and newspaper.

two good coats of the charcoal grey. again, one light and one heavier wet coat.

closer up view of the charcoal painting.

that's it. carefully remove your masking material. I remove it peeling carefully while the charcoal
coat is still wet. keep razor knife handy if you see any charcoal lifting cut paint overlap edge with knife.

these last 2 are after 3 coats of Eastwood Diamond Clear for Painted surfaces.

And install some nice old school BFG Radial TA's 215/65 in the front and
245-60's on the back and some nice new center caps and trim rings from Ames

then put them on the car with some Rally II Black Center
reproduction Lug Nuts also from Ames.

and they are done :-) Very Purdy if I do say so myself.

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