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Coming to British North America
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Price is a patronymic name derived from the Welsh

"ap Rhys," meaning "son of Rhys."
The given name Rhys means "enthusiasm" in Welsh. For a possible ancestral home in Wales go to Rhuddlan Castle. "Rhuddlan Castle"
Photo credit: Jefferey Thomas (see Sources and Links)
Photo credit: Barbara Houtenbrink (see Sources and Links)

My Price family history started in New Brunswick in 1820, with William L. Price landing in St. John. He moved to Northampton, N.B. and married Lydia Mott Grant in 1824. William was a blacksmith, an occupation often found in the Price family. He lived a long life, dying at age 96. His eldest son William Jr., one of 8 children, was a farmer near Canterbury, NB (see gravestone above). William Jr. married Frances Bates. She was the 6th great granddaughter of Stephen Hopkins who was a passenger on the Mayflower which landed in Plymouth, MA in 1620. For more on Stephen Hopkins please visit: "The Mayflower"

Photo source: Wynne Dow (see Sources and Links)

George Wellington Price was the 10th of 13 children. George, like his grandfather, was a blacksmith. He married his third cousin Levinia Evaletta Grant (see photo above). They lived and died in Canterbury, NB. Levinia was a descendent of Stephen Hopkins above, and also of John Howland and Elizabeth Tilley of the Mayflower, on her mother's side. She was also a cousin of Benjamin Franklin through her great grandmother Ann Maidstone Hillman. Ann had 20 children. "Go to My Other Price Website" As a blacksmith, George made many items other than shoes for horses. He made iron pieces for loggers, farmers wagons and sleds. He was also handy with wood and was well known for his baseball bats, although none are known to exist today.

Photo Source: Evelyn Stewart (see Sources and Links)

John Hazen Price was the middle child of seven and was born May 17 1898 (see photo above - second from the left. Photo from 1914 High School Graduation). He married Dora Newland in 1921 and had Earl and my Dad, Basil. Dora died when my father was only a year and half old. John then married Evelyn Mooney. They had Nancy. The marriage ended in divorce. He married a third time to a lovely lady, Doris Harmon. Doris is the grandmother that I knew growing up. John served in WWI as an ambulance driver. He was wounded, but not seriously.

Photo credit: Nancy Price (see Sources and Links)

Basil "Barry" Roland Price was my Dad (High School graduation 1943 in photo above with his older brother Earl). "Earl's War Record" He was born in Canterbury, N.B. With the death of his mother at an early age, he was raised by his Aunt Thelma, the youngest of his Dad's siblings. The story that I hear was that he was to be named Barry, but somehow the minister got the name wrong, however, he was call Barry all of his life except by Aunt Thelma. He joined the Army briefly in 1944. He then joined the RCAF where he learned his trade as an airplane mechanic. He worked for many years at Trans Canada Airlines, the precursor to Air Canada, in Montreal. As a youth, he and Earl hunted together. When Earl began to raise a family, he and my Dad brought home a deer one day. Nancy, Earl's eldest exclaimed that they had killed "Bambi". That was the end of my Dad's hunting career, at least as far as deer were concerned. He married Bernice Humphreys in 1950 in Montreal. I was born late that year. My sister Sandra, and brother Alan, followed both in 1954, one in January and the other in November. Dad enjoyed camping and we spent many a summer at Lac de Loup Nord in the Laurentians north of Montreal.

Barry Earl Price (High School Grad photo above) Currently finishing Web Page Developement Course at Langara Collge.

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