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This is our summer place, on Gambier Island in West Howe Sound.

Gambier Island is a very unique place, only 15 miles from Vancouver, but totally secluded. It takes two separate ferry trips from Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver. The winter population is around 125, the summers are considerably busier. The island is only about 25 square miles, and very little is developed. Lots of wildlife, but no bears or cougars, so the deer population thrives the expense of many a residents garden!

(Yes .... the high tide rises to the white line !!!)

but we also get some LOW tides!


flying by ...

We are about 15 miles Northwest of Vancouver

A real-time display of major marine traffic in the area:




If you are coming to visit, you will need to read these schedules.

You board the Langdale ferry at Horseshoe Bay



Horseshoe Bay / Langdale Ferry Schedule

(The Queen of Surrey)



and then connect to the Gambier Water Taxi



Langdale / Gambier Water Taxi Schedule


(The Stormaway III)


you can check for the tide tables here ...

          Gambier Island Tides  

If you are heading up by boat, then have a look at the local Marine report for Howe Sound;

     Howe Sound Marine Report

... and check the local traffic

     Marine Traffic in the area



A View of Gambier Island 

"Harperville "

This is the front lawn  ....


                                       out on the front lawn, so to speak ...


               this is the back lawn ....       


our neighbor looking for some action

forest highway ...

      Looking south towards Langdale Ferry Terminal


 Looking back toward 'Harperville' from the ferry terminal


an example of some local industry ...


We have some pretty LARGE trees here, needless to say I couldn't get it all in the picture!

see you on Gambier Island !!!

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