What's New ??

Getting ready for our annual 'pilgrimage' south, however Kathleen's knee needs attention.

(maybe stay here a while and save on air-conditioning bills !!)


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First Annual "Cousins Weekend"

(August 2012)

Kathleen is "getting ready"

... but still has time for a swim

getting tents set-up ... we needed these as we had 14 in the house!

we needed a few buns for the weenie roast,

which was a great 'standing around' occasion

and one special person even had a "weenie roast" t-shirt !!

A pancake breakfast is no fun without "pancake turtles"

and the kids loved them!


... the "breakfast" crowd ...

Great weather made for lots of tubing

get more tubes ... more tubes !!

The Harper clan!


It's our 20th anniversary, and we had a two day outing!

... Mimi is less than impressed

.. decided not to buy a new boat (didn't care for the model of the helicopter)

but we did launch "The Queen"

We always watch out for ferry traffic

as we don't want to end up like this ...

We are back to "family" visits again

including the newest grandson "Benjamin"

... and cruising the bays looking for "our friends"



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