Wah Loong Ltd. Tel:(604)273-1688 Fax:(604)273-2229

Wah Loong Ltd. imports over 8.5 million pounds of frozen seafood (equivalent to over  200 containers) and oriental groceries annually from suppliers all over the world.

Wah Loong Ltd. stocks over hundreds of frozen seafood products of various sizes and hundreds of oriental grocery products.

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Baby Cuttlefish     Baby Octopus   Black Tiger Prawns  White Prawns    Jumbo Prawns<new>

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Green Tigers      Chinese Scallops       Pink Prawns       Atlantic Salmon

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Black Cod        Cooked Shrimp Meat       Crab Meat             Dory Fillet


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1/2 shell Clams    Imitation Crab Meat    Frozen Scallops        Femal Capelin

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Samma Fish       Sea Bass Steaks    Silver Fish         Arctic Surf Clams

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Silver Pomfret Fish



Updated June 15, 1998

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