Vicki Sanders Saanich Councillor
Vicki Sanders' Goals as a Saanich Councillor and CRD Director
Vicki’s Goals:
  * Safe, well managed inclusive communities * Sustainable Environmental Stewardship  
  * Arts, Culture and Heritage * Accessible, responsive government  

Vicki meeting with residents over traffic concerns

Vicki discussing
traffic concerns with residents

Vicki's Art
Vicki's Art Display at the Municipal Hall


Presenting Elly Roelofsen the Queens Diamond Jubilee Award
Vicki believes in:
A long term vision for a Healthy Saanich:  Planning, Transportation, Environment and the Economy including public safety, increased community volunteers, public education and increased communication with residents.

Respect for neighbourhoods and Local Area Plans.

Respect and commitment to Urban Containment Boundaries, Regional Growth Strategy and Saanich Official Community Plan.

Working with developers to ensure housing initiatives include truly affordable housing for families, seniors and low-income residents.

A commitment to safe streetscapes for pedestrians, vehicles and cyclists.

Advocacy for seniors and intergenerational communities.

Working with all levels of government to reduce homelessness and provide access to social services.

Sustainability including reduction of solid waste to the Land Fill and encouraging deconstruction not demolition.

Support for local food production and food security where communities are able to rely on local area food sources to feed their families.

A healthy community is one rich in arts and heritage.

Long range planning and reasonable solutions for sewage treatment.

An emphasis on incorporating alternate means of transportation and increased access to public transit to provide residents with the means to reduce carbon emissions.

Support for community safety including Emergency Preparedness, Hazardous or Toxic Spill plans, support of Provincial Emergency Preparedness (PEP).

Supporting local industry and business.

Increased youth involvement in community as part of an action plan to address youth at risk.







Saanich Walking Tour Brochures

Saanich Launches Self-guided Heritage Tours
Dumpster Dive to do a garbage audit
Doing a garbage audit to reduce materials going to the landfill
Vicki take Saanich's electric car for a test drive

Vicki takes Saanich's electric car for a test drive
Vicki with the cows
Vicki visiting Pendray Farms
Vicki promoting Block Watch

Vicki promoting Block Watch
Vicki with the Pesticide display

Environment Week Pesticide Alternatives