Vicki Sanders Saanich Councillor

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Vicki with Saanich Freeman John Pendray

John Pendray, Saanich Freeman, Retired Farmer and Businessman, Former President of Island Farms Dairy:

I've been a member of the Saanich community for over fifty years. Vicki has impressed me with her business background and support of community affairs. She has demonstrated that she listens to the people of the community and works on their behalf. She has proven that she is a valuable Councillor and CRD committee member and deserves to be re-elected in 2014. I am pleased to support Vicki in her re-election to Saanich Council”.

Carole Pickup, Retired Saanich Councillor and CRD Director:

“Vicki Sanders has earned my support and respect.  She has demonstrated a true commitment to community service and to building a well rounded community, involving herself in support of the arts, the environment and the economic welfare of Saanich.  She has been an excellent Councillor and CRD Member." 

Franc M. D'Ambrosio, architect, D'AMBROSIO architecture + urbanism:

“As our region continues to grow and develop pressures result in less than ideal urban design, public consultation and informed Council decision- making are even more critically important to the shape, livability and beauty of Saanich. Vigilance and balance are critical in managing regional growth and creating a vibrant and sustainable city. Vicki Sanders has been an effective and dedicated Councillor. With her experience, thoughtful and big- picture view of community planning, she will continue to be a valuable voice on Saanich Council.”

Katherine Whitworth

Vicki Sanders is one of the hardest working members of Saanich Council.  I have found her to have the highest level of integrity, well researched and knowledgeable on issues and presents a positive statement, even if there is a difference of opinion.

Patty Mack, Past President, Mt. Tolmie Community Association

“Vicki  Sanders is someone I really look up to.  When I started as the president of the Mount Tolmie Community Association it was a steep learning curve.  I got to watch her in action as she chaired SCAN meetings, dealing with developers and community groups.  Her vast knowledge of issues and ease with people blew me away.  Vicki freely gave of her time to help me in my new role.  Vicki gives to all around her.   I have seen her barraged by requests from Saanich residents and not only does she say she will look into the issues but she gets results.

I’‘m proud to call Vicki a friend as many in the community do.  Her commitment to community is astonishing and combined with her wicked wit Vicki is a winner.  Vicki is not one to blow her own horn so I will.  I know firsthand how much Councillor Vicki Sanders does for you and Saanich every day.

Keep Saanich moving forward re-elect Councillor Vicki Sanders and vote for her for the CRD."

Helen Edwards, Administrative Director, Hallmark Society.

"I first met Vicki Sanders when she volunteered as a judge at the South Vancouver Island Regional Heritage Fair. This event, held on the
first Friday of May each year, showcases work from students in Grades 4-9 and is a very important event in the heritage calendar.

Vicki has been very supportive of our efforts and has worked tirelessly as a judge for the past few years. This is a commitment of almost 8 hours in a single day. As the quality of the projects increases, the task of adjudicating is more difficult but Vicki continues to give her valuable opinions and contribute to the success of the event. She is the only CRD politician willing to work for the entire day with us. This shows her commitment to the heritage cause. She has also arranged to have award winning projects from Saanich schools on display at the Saanich Municipal Hall, increasing our exposure.

She was instrumental in the National Historica Fair receiving a discounted rate for their use of the Cedar Hill Recreation Centre in July - certainly helping the bottom line of this extravaganza.

It is a pleasure to work with such a dedicated councillor.

Bruce Clarke, Member of the Saanich Arts Advisory Committee
Owner/Operator of the Shoebox Business Centre

"I have shared a seat on the Saanich Arts Advisory Committee with Vicki Sanders for the past five years. During this time I have appreciated Vicki's dedication and energy to the cause of increasing the role of communities in the growth of Saanich. Vicki has demonstrated responsibility to her community and I feel would support her re-election as a municipal councillor for Saanich."

Sylvia Hofsetter, former long-time Saanich Resident

"In my opinion, one should vote to re-elect Vicki Sanders. She embodies empathy, intelligence, and action. She thinks very logically, collects her facts, and acts professionally with never a sign of rancour or ridicule. Vicki leads as a facilitator and succeeds by delegating, empowering people and by having a sense of humour. Not only is Vicki competent but she is passionate about community concerns. Prior to being elected, she attended council meetings for years and years. She makes herself available. She deserves your vote."

Ron Kirstein, former President of the Mount Tolmie Community Association says, "Vicki is a real trouper. She knows more about planning and zoning than anyone I have ever met. She has committed herself to being at Council meetings and I support her re-election to Saanich council. She is committed to Saanich and to a better way of life".

Terry Wendorf, Saanich Resident says:

Vicki Sanders is a true advocate for neighbours. Her strengths include...
* seeing a project through right to the end... not dropping the ball
* problem solving and providing neighbours with creative solutions
* she blends her knowledge of how the municipal system works with her empathy for neighbourhood concerns
* she provides the process for neighbours to come together to express their concerns and work through the legal and municipal system

In short, Vicky has a big heart, lots of energy and enthusiasm, tons of experience and knowledge and a personal vision to make a difference in her community!

If you have any feedback about Vicki's tenure on council (compliments or concerns), click on the following email link.