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Jessie Elizabeth Traish was born at 27 Trigon Road, Lambeth, Kennington 1st Park, Surrey (South London), England on February 17, 1872.   Jessieís father, Theodore Fitzroy Traish, was an engraver/jeweler.   Jessie's mother's maiden name was Mary Ann Pannell.  This Traish family is traced back to Kingsclere, Hampshire, England.  Nothing is known of Jessie's early years and childhood.


We are told that, as a young woman, she was employed as a maid or servant for a household through Eliza Hopwood (her future husbandís mother who was the housekeeper for a family called Dawney in Hackney), where she met and later married Thomas Henry Hopwood on December 22, 1895 at the parish church of St. James Clerkenwell in east London.  This Hopwood family was from a long line of butchers living in east London for several centuries.   Jessie and Tom were blessed with five children: Thomas John (1896-1974), Jessie Dorothy (1900-1987), Laura Elizabeth (1903-1992), Edward Ernest (1904-1994) and Joseph Clifton (1907-1986).  It is unconfirmed that there was another short-lived child born in 1898.


Family reminisces and stories all tell of a very happy, friendly woman who enjoyed the love and respect of many friends in both England and Canada.  She had a wonderful sense of humor and was dedicated to her family and children.


The dedication on a small Church of England prayer book dated December 29, 1883 is to Jessie Traish "In reward for 6 months regular attendance" from C. L. W. Simmon.  Further down the same page, in what is believed is Jessie's handwriting, "Given by her to her daughter Jessie D. Hopwood (Dorothy), June 8th, 1920.


A companion small hand Bible is inscribed, "J. E. Traish, from her Uncle G. Traish, Xmas 1883.  Further down the same page,  in what is believed is Jessie's handwriting, "And given by her to her Daughter, Dorothy Hopwood, on her 13th Birthday, March 28, 1913".

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During the years of separation when husband Tom lived in western Canada (1908-1913), Jessie and her children lived at 58 Hythe Road, Staines, Middlesex, UK.  Her daughter Dorothy (Kennedy) tells the story that many of Jessie's friends were upset when she and her children set out from Staines, Middlesex,  to join her husband in Nelson, BC, Canada in May 1913. They traveled to Southampton to see Jessie off.  When in Canada, Dorothy continued to correspond with one of these friends, a next door neighbor, a Nancy Munday (47 Glebbe Road), whose daughter Patricia A. Griffiths of 10 Travistock Road, Whitly, Reading, Berkshire, continues correspondence with Iris Close (Dorothy's daughter).


Moving to Nelson, British Columbia, Jessie missed her family and friends in England.  After living in the London area all her life, the move to a small town in western Canada presented quite a challenge for her and their five children.  While the children adapted easily, she did the best she could while caring for the children and helping Tom in his quest to develop his meat sales business in the Kootenay region of British Columbia.  Jessie made many friends in Nelson who, as was the case in England, loved her and were very loyal to her.   

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Jessie contacted a "creeping paralysis", which we believe would now be called "multiple sclerosis" and was confined to a wheel chair in the years before her death in May 1923.  Unfortunately, Thomas abandoned Jessie and the family around 1919.  It is believed that he worked in Blairmore, Alberta, as a butcher, and moved on.  Nothing is known of his future whereabouts or circumstances.  Jessie is buried in the Anglican section of the City of Nelson cemetery.  Her headstone is cared for by the family living in Nelson.


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Written and posted by her grandson John Farrell Hopwood - January 2004