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Can I give your boat a lift?  

UltraLift offers you the premier solution for protecting your boat and still being on the water in minutes.  Rugged and dependable, yet a complement to any dock setting, the UltraLift is the ultimate in boat lift design and performance.

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Introducing the Toughest Boat Lift in the Water...UltraLift!

The UltraLift has the only polyethylene tank specifically designed and manufactured exclusively for use in boat lifts. The UltraGrip Tank Connection enables the UltraLift to be installed with "All Steel Parts Above Water"*, a completely new concept in the boat-lifting industry. It creates the ability to defy rust, corrosion and the elements to protect your boat for years of convenient and carefree storage.

Recommended for:
Boats up to 8800 lbs.
Boats up to 28' Overall Length
Inboard or Stem Drive
Drive-in or Back-in Installations
Floating Docks and U-shaped slips

Model Lifting
Min. Water
Min. Slip
Max. Slip
of Tanks
Tank Size
H x W x L
44002TUL 4,400 lbs. 4.5 ft. 8 ft. 16.0 ft. 2 24" x 32" x 13.5'
66002TUL 6,600 lbs. 5.5 ft. 8 ft. 16.0 ft. 2 32" x 32" x 13.5'
66003TUL 6,600 lbs. 4.5 ft. 10.5 ft. 16.0 ft. 3 24" x 32" x 13.5'
88002TUL 8,800 lbs. 5.5 ft. 8 ft. 16.0 ft. 2 32" x 32" x 18'
*Lifts can be Custom Engineered to Accommodate Wider Slips

Standard Features:
Precision-designed & Custom-molded High-impact Polyethylene Tanks
All Steel Parts Above the Water.*
Level Lifting Design
Hot-dip Zinc galvanized Structural Steel Frame & Fasteners
Full-width 4" Frame Channel with 3" Adjustable Expansion Channel
Heavy-duty 1/4" Torsion Bars
Finest Marine-duty Hardware
Heavy-duty Dock Brackets with Bumper Guards
Padded Pitmans*
Five-inch Ultra-high Molecular Weight Square Hole Bushings
Two-piece Urethane/Stainless Steel Pivot Bushings
Heavy-duty Hull Support Systems
*Standard Installation

Custom Hull Pads for Special Applications
Side-of-Boat Walkways for Wide Slip Applications
Custom Configurations for Sailboats and Special Installations
Centering Guides to Assist Boat Positioning


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