Links to some of my favourite pastimes:

Our Motorcycles.

i - Micro Web Server on a Business Card.

This project is a tiny self contained web server (No ISP required !) just plug it into an Ethernet socket on your router and it runs totally unsupported.

- Recumbent Trike Project (EconTrike)

- SWB, USS Recumbent Bike Project (Econbent)

- Yamaha XS650SF Special Refurbishing project. (Now Completed)

- Video Clip of finished Bike

- Various Morse Code Keys

- Tig Welder Project (Includes PCB layout's, but project now very old design and obsolete) Since this project was given a link to Hack A Day by some well meaning soul I have been inundated with Spam and Junk mail so unfortunately..... No further support will be offered on this design so please do not email !

- 80 Mtr SSB Transciever club Project

- Spectrum Analyzer Scope Adapter Project

- A very few of my many Electronic projects built over the years

- Miniature Stationary Steam Engine Project

- A Homebuilt Stereo Zoom Microscope (Incomplete as no time to finish right now)

Click for Vancouver, British Columbia Forecast

Type a Ham Radio callsign:

Left click on the Propadex tab to see latest propagation report (higher numbers better for HF)

- DO NOT open this link !!

Some of the graphics may be slow to load on dial up systems, please be patient.
Alright I couldn't resist, here is a picture of my two beautiful old puppies, both former SPCA inmates and the loves of my dear wife and my life, seen sleeping bum to bum on the couch, unfortunately the big guy has left us now but the black one is still with us and enjoys her walks daily.

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